Thursday, November 8, 2012

Negative Much

I know I've been an emotional blogger, about everything that going on in my life and it makes me sad to admit it. But, I got problems. Which, is why I'm going to save you from despair. After, I read my besties blog, I felt horrible and like, I was gonna throw up. I mean was I a really good friend to her. Even now, I still questioning why a nice person like her would ever be friends with an emotional bipolar wreck as me. I mean I know I'm sarcastic and stuff but, really I got my head way way stuff up my ass. 

And, that's for a fact so, after the whole ideal and wake-up call I got. I finally, made a decision to blog about the happy stuff. Because I don't do enough of that. I feel shameful and just plain eeky to think I was so negative. And, I gotta say it's pretty depressing; I mean if I were a viewer and I saw my blog for the first time. I might have said what a beautiful blog but, a lot depressing posts, What kind of shit is this? So, I'm changing it up. I'm going to be what I say I am a perky teenager with a whole lot of personality and spaz that will probably, make you confused or laugh till your gutters all come spilling out into the floor. 

So, like my post I'm 1000% gonna be positive as I say I'm gonna be. And, not take anything for granted, like my bestie who blogged awesome stuff about me. I'm going to make things right and I must tell you once, I set my mind on something; I'm going to do anything in my power to get it. Till it is  MINE.


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