Sunday, December 30, 2012

Captivated, Again

Lee Dong Wook

I love his character in My Girl, he's such a good actor so, is Lee Da-hee. I know this is really old, but I was going through my Cd's and I found this. And, I got hooked on it all over again. I didn't go to bed yesterday till, 1 AM. I just couldn't resist his charm and dense/strict personality. I'm going crazy just looking at his pictures. He's too good to be true. 

He's sooo my type of guy; I know I said I liked Woohyun from Infinite, but you gotta admit all of the girls like, him and even my friends find him hot and that's why, I'm going back to Lee Dong Wook and, this time only my sister knows. I just don't feel the connection nor the fangirl within me when I see Woohyun. He's just a normal K-pop star for me and I'll give him to all those other girls who want him.

I mean just look at him, her's perfect. I would swoon and sigh over him any day. I thought he was handsome already, but when he put on his eyeglasses or wore them I went all gugu gaga on him. AWWWWW!!! I wish he could be the one. I mean for me he tops all Asian men here. 

Wouldn't you girls agree? 

Thursday, December 27, 2012 Shit!

What happened earlier this afternoon, I was so jolly and happy, because I have a new anime and it makes me smile and laugh and cry and it's all for real. and it's not forced emotion. Then as I was gloating about it, a gust of wind flew in through the window for me, I felt like, "oh, wow it smells so good, fresh air then............... and dog shit. I screamed out "EWWW" and I had to close the windows.  Way to ruin the moment. 

Overrated Words

Photo: Finally, somebody understands. Overrated much.

Finally, somebody understands. 

A Lesson Within A Song~~

   People Help The People

God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts
I guess you kissed the girls and made them cry
those Hardfaced Queens of misadventure
God knows what is hiding in those weak and sunken eyes
a Fiery throng of muted angels
Giving love and getting nothing back

People help the people
And if you're homesick, give me your hand and I'll hold it
People help the people
And nothing will drag you down
Oh and if I had a brain, Oh and if I had a brain
i'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool
That turned, all those good hearts away

God knows what is hiding, in that world of little consequence
Behind the tears, inside the lies
A thousand slowly dying sunsets
God knows what is hiding in those weak and drunken hearts
I guess the loneliness came knocking
No one needs to be alone, oh save me

People help the people
And if you're homesick, give me your hand and I'll hold it
People help the people
Nothing will drag you down
Oh and if I had a brain, Oh and if I had a brain
I'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool
That turned, all those good hearts away

People help the people
And if you're homesick, give me your hand and I'll hold it
People help the people
Nothing will drag you down
Oh and if I had a brain, Oh and if I had a brain
I'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool
That turned, all those good hearts away

My inspirational song for the month. I hope this song will do the same for you too. :)

My Hands

A writer and a blogger's hands look the same, just like, a painter and a drawer are the same. My hands and wrist hurt, but not my fingers so, that means I have writers and bloggers hands and, ouchy!! must rest, but my hands don't want to. hehe, I have been reading my stuff and I've been really obsessing over my hands WEIRD!!!

Is It A Butterfly? No it's, Lunafly!

Hello, people again!!! after a posting a long one, I got an idea and well, I've been thinking whether to post this or not and then my hands just said YES! I can do it! and so, I listen to them. hehehe Okay, now listen to me no listen to them, Lunafly. 

Earlier, when my sister was checking the channels on the T.V. and when she said she's trying to quit K-pop, because she's beginning too obsessed. She stopped the channel on the is group pranking each other and it was brutal and not even funny. But, man are they good looking, hehehe I couldn't resist. Their names are Yun(left), Teo(center), and Sam(right). 


Don't they look splendidly charming, I called dibs on Sam. Because I love his voice. And, here is one of their music video's that they filmed. Oh and the maknae(youngest member) Teo, can cook ;) Here's just a little test for your ears. 

I fell over heels listening to the maknae and Sam. Okay, I'll leave you with this. Enjoy!!! :)

Facts, Argument, and Debate!

What People Think of Anime and Cosplay
(Is it Anime, Cosplay or simply both):

1. Perverted?


  • Most people think Anime is perverted.
  • Most people think that people who go to Cosplay events are perverts. 

  • Most Anime's just simply have perverted characters or show perverted stuff. But, then again Anime is  for teenagers and young adults. So, that's sorta allowed. But, on the other hand, when I went to  Cosplay event they're were people mostly "guys" who took a lot of pictures with my best friend and sister who were both cosplaying in an anime school uniform from Lucky Star. They even wanted their number. So, I say BOTH.
2. Violent....

  • Most people think that Anime's are very violent, because they see characters hitting each other with hammers that come out of nowhere and cursing.
  • Most people think that Cosplay events are safe.
  • As I said, in Anime's depict violent things, but it's shown to be funny not encourage violence. And, Cosplaying events are so not safe, you can get snubbed, harassed, and get lost. Sometimes there's even a stampede. The answer is COSPLAY, because they have a higher percentage of violence breaking out, then in watching anime. 

3. Freaky!!!!

  • Most people think that Anime is too weird and that the affect of you smiling, crying, laughing, giggling, screaming, and getting mad or depressed, because of something that happened in the anime. Is just plain freaky. 
  • Most people think that this is what Cosplayers do and look like, and some call it a freak show without even looking at the details of the costume nor the copy of the character the person is embodying.
  • I would have to say BOTH for sure, I mean Anime and the affect it has on me; I gotta say, it scares me sometimes, it's like, an addiction. That I resort to act like, that and sometimes I have a hard time controlling  myself. I admit. Then for cosplaying it just sorta freaks me out when somebody actually looks like, the character or sounds like, it. And, also if the guys are dressed as girl characters and it's pretty bad; that's definitely freaky. 

 4. Doesn't Make sense.

  • Most people think Anime's are stupid, because in some anime's the characters and the plot, just doesn't make sense. 
  • Most people think that Cosplaying, doesn't make sense because they don't see the reason why we need to dress up and act like, the characters and put them into real life and it's a waste of money. Some people just don't have any imagination.

  • Definitely, ANIME, because cosplaying you can get the idea already why we do it. I mean it's like, asking comic book cosplayers why they dress like, heroes. But, in Anime sometimes the authors or creators just make it for fun, it can either go really good and be a hit or really bad and stupid. See, it's really risky. I can name some like, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and Azu Mangu Dayu, I think. Those are the only ones I know. 

End of Discussion!
WHEW! My hands are hurting again. eheheheh So, worth it. 

Knt Delirium

Kimi Ni Todoke
(From Me To You/Reaching You)

It's about this shy girl Sawako Kuronuma, who is called "sadako" because she looks like, the girl from the ring and everyboidy thinks she has supernatural powers, but the truth is that's just the way she is; then she sees this guy who she find admiring named, Shota Kazahaya; who is popular, kind, and friendly. 

She automatically wishes to be as open as him and when she tells him that she admires him for all those things, people suspect that it's a love confession and Kazahaya rejects her. But, the truth is he was surprised that it was not a love confession and was embarrassed that he had it all up in his head. 

Sorry, if I'm describing the first episode, I already started watching it and I'm on episode 4 now. Hhehe I'm so happy I have a new anime and newly inspired. My smile and laugh isn't forced anymore. Thanks to you Anime! 

Anyway, so, now he helps her come out of her shell and make friends little by little and as the story line progresses it's obvious that he got the hots for her. She too feels something for him, but so far it's not quite there and she only thinks that he's really kind and has a smile that can melt or destroy a wall, in her case the wall she put up around herself, when it comes to him and his smile it just falls apart. 

If you want to know more, you should watch it; I highly recommend it. I mean I'm even downloading the movie. 

In the mean time here's some funny screen shots from the anime(a little sneak peek, to what you will be seeing):


Hope y'all will watch it or check it out. :)

Heaven In Earth Pt. 2

 "If he wasn't interested in you, he would have turned you down." 

Continuing....So, in the end there's a chance that me and Nicole might be going cosplaying on the 29th. I don't wanna jinx it so, I won't talk about it as much. But, Nicole still hasn't replied back if were going or not, because I'm settled I'm just waiting for her. Her Mom is still half and half on it, because of money wise and she's still a little pissed about the pictures and, trust me I saw it; A little messy as I may say. 

Then, it was my sister's turn, I rarely see Cathy cry. I think the last time I saw her cry was when her and her best friend got yelled at by a classmate's auntie. So, when she talked about how she was getting bullied at school, which I am only hearing about now. She started to tear up and said that she stands up for herself, but sometimes it just hurts so much that she can't take it anymore. And, she told my friends why she didn't tell me nor my Dad is because she doesn't want to cause a ruckus.

Because, when you disrespect my family I go all crazy bitch and I literally like, to go down and dirty no matter what age they are. Since, that's how me and my Dad are she wanted to avoid that. I was at the time silent and just feeling bad that she was holding a big secret on her shoulders. After, she got a little senior advice from all of us, she talked about her love life and stuff. And, she stopped crying.

At last, it was Mika's turn and she told us which, was a big surprise, that her parents were getting back together. And, I was glad and happy for her and I kinda guessed that maybe, she stopped cutting herself. Then, here came the bad part, she avoided the topic before, but he got it out of her anyway. Her love life, I told you guys about James before at least; I think I did. But, anyway she's sad, because after all the flirting and signs he gave her, he's going back to chasing after that girl who just wants to be chased.

Mika, said that she knows the girl is a total bitch and just wants to treat him like, a dog who wants a bone. So, she stopped talking to him and interacting with him, but he kept on talking to her and he knows that she likes him, but unlike those other girls who he rejected on the spot. He didn't reject Mika and instead, he gets near her and avoids saying or talking about the "girl". 

Mika thinks he was just playing with her emotions, I mean she's 16 and he's like, 20 and I can understand where she's coming from. But, I told her that  "If he wasn't interested in you, he would have turned you down."  And, that made her feel better, but If I were her I would give up on him, because for starters he's legal and she's not (minor). Also, she should concentrate on school, I mean are they all just fooling around! They should be more responsible. 

I told them that too Nicole and Mika, and that's how I got the name "Onee-san". Also, because, I'm the oldest of the bunch, I'm born little earlier then Mika. It was fun and I got to see all the updates and stuff. My luck is slowly turning around. :))

After we all went out separated ways again. Nicole, message me saying that "Being all together again, it felt like, Heaven".

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Heaven In Earth Pt. 1


"It felt like, Heaven being with you guys."   

The Love Parade get together along with my sister. We got the chance to all see each other again, because of Holiday break. And, what's the first thing my friends do when they come back to the province. They call me up and hang. Though, this all happened during Christmas Eve, I wanted to wait to post it.

So, here's the deal I go to Mika's house thinking we'll probably do the usual, you know photo shoot and stuff; so, I brought clothes, shoes, and accessories then we don't even use them. Instead, we half -watched 2012 and laughed our asses off while, we were waiting for Nicole. 

When Nic came, we all started talking and asking each other questions. But, before I go in intimate detail, I have got to say that the first thing I noticed from Nic, was her hair, face, and clothes. She looks absolutely stunning. 

I mean no pimples on the cheeks, her hair isn't so fuzzy and it's shiny black, and lastly he clothes which, she wears now, made me say "Who is this girl". They really changed appearance wise, but they're still the same person. So, going back to what I was saying, after we asked a few questions and had so little answers; we looked at Mika's "Bar pictures", because she went to a K-pop Event and it was held at the bar. 

They kinda all scared me, because they look scary and not one picture did I see Mika drinking. But, we all knew she was and she confessed herself, then finally we saw it, she took a picture of a half-fulled beer bottle and she said that was hers. I was like, bowing to the great "Barney Stinson" of our group; she's so mature.

Afterwards, we watched "Infinite's Japan Concert" and we were all fangirling. Though, was kinda not feeling like screaming; it was nice to see their concert, Mika is a big fan of Infinite so, she buys all their albums and stuff. It was nice and while we were watching it, me and my sister wore Santa hats and Mika and Nicole wore deer hairbands, which I brought for fun.

Next, I suggested we all update each other on what's been happening and stuff. And, they all agreed, we all made a circle and Mika got her "Myungsoo mini statue", to serve as a baton for passing to whose gonna talk next. Nobody wanted to go first so, I had too. I told them everything, to me being MC Hammer broke for the first time in my life to my new obsession with Princess and Disneyland all the way to how 2012 is not my year and they all agreed with me on that.

Following after, was Nicole, She talked about how she's been slacking off, day dreaming, and dozing off in class. And, her grades aren't as solid, they're like, okay. Then she spilled about how she losing her Conservative-ness is slowly disappearing each and every day she spends in Manila. And, it's all to blame to "Peer-Pressure" and a "Boy". Even, I was surprised and amazed about how young she is and she's like,experiencing crazy college things. Oh, by the way, she's fifteen, she went to school early like, me. But, I'm one year her senior like, age and we're classmates.

 She striked out so many things she shouldn't be doing. Example:
  • Giving into Peer Pressure.
  • Giving off signs to a guy when you have your whole 20's to do that.
  • Indirectly kissing a guy at your Christmas Party.
  • Being the first one to make the move when you like, the guy and he like's you back. He'll put less efforts into treating you , because he thinks that you can do it yourself. I think he's either GAY or CHICKEN to not have made the first move.
  • And, confessing out of the blue, because your heart was beating too fast.
I guess some them aren't bad , because I'll do that too, but there's a catch; she's IGLESIA. And, if your not conservative you'll be the whole talk of the town and you'll family will be shamed upon. I'm not Igelsia, I just went to their church once, because I was curious to see the inside. And, I was scared shitless that  I might go in and they haven't seen me around, because I'm not one of them and they might tackle me or something. That's the weird scenario that popped into my head at the time.

Anyway, who has that kind of Christmas Parties, you know where you have to sit on one of the guys laps when the music stops or the other game where you have to touch the guys parts when the music stops. DIRTY, the kind of things I expect when I go to college. Exciting and tempting, but it's Nicole; and at times she can be quite naive and easily manipulative, because she doesn't know much. And, that's why she was so sad and told us that her Mom said that she was disappointed in her and wants her to control herself a bit.

Sorry for the delay, but I keep on getting interrupted. So, here's part one and thank you sooo very much!!!! Just now I saw my blog and I have 3001 page views now. I'm soo happy!! I feel like, I can scream on top of a mountain. To be more dramatic I could just die! hahahaha 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Little Rusty

This is how my poor hands and fingers feel right now, because I'm finally online at night. And, well there's so many people I said Merry Christmas and God Bless too. Then me and my friends where searching up pictures and gifs then we share it with each other then comment while, still talking to each other separately in a chat box.

We don't really use our group box "Love Parade" to chat, because where too lazy to open it. Then I started chatting with 4-5 people; there was my Mom, Big Bro, Nicole "Nic Nic", Mika, and my ex-emo best guy friend Kenneth "Neth". Hhehehe I'm the only one who calls him that, yeah were pretty close. I'm so glad I don't have to talk in Tagalog with him anymore I can explain myself more better.

My hands are hurting like, fuck!!!!! A warrior I am, for the sake of typing and writing. Then, well we all caught up and stuff it was fun. I gotta admit and I don't have writer's block anymore and that's why I'm posting again. I think my hands just hurt, it's been awhile since, I last did this "multi-task" and I'm a little rusty. And, my hands are paying for it by exercising. hehhehe 

Oh yeah, by the way, I watched the "King's Speech", Today. I loved it, I must get it from my Mom; loving old fashioned movies. Well, I think I'll stop here for the day, I"m getting sleepy and it's like, 12:38 A.M. hehehehe I beat Cathy's record; Did I ever tell you I once stayed up till four in the morning watching Anime. I got grounded for that and I couldn't go on the computer for weeks. Okay, I'm literally stopping now. 

Night Everybody, Merry Christmas and God Bless You All!!!

Christmas Sparks

                                                        Barbie and The Nutcracker

Last night, on Christmas Eve, I watched my favorite Christmas movie besides, Home Alone 1 and 2. I love to watch Barbie and the Nutcracker. I don't know why, but there's just something about how in the beginning how much she cared for the the Nutcracker turned Prince Eric. 

I would have done the same thing, because it's a Nutcracker one of my all time Christmas must-have decorations. My brothers kept on saying it was gay the movie and calling the Nutcracker "Nut-Cracker" and every time they said Nutcracker in the movie they would say; "awwwww....OUCH!", because they were playing with their psp's, but little did they know I saw them glancing and watching it at times. Wahahahaha

I didn't really care what they said, I was too busy dancing to the ballet music and watching Clara and Prince Eric's relationship blossom. It's a shame I used to have that doll and a Nutcracker, but I had to leave her and it was very precious to me; it was given to me by my Uncle, and well as for the Nutcracker, I remember the red one's arm broke and the green one with black hair broke it's jaw.

I would say "Oh no, he's injured. We need to treat him with Neosporin". Sorry, but that was the only medicine I knew back then, when I was four or five; I think. Yeah, so, after I watched the whole movie; I realized that Prince Eric is the most handsomest Ken ever. But, his crotch was sticking out too much and that made my brothers laugh like, crazy. I tried to defend him, but the damage was already done; even I couldn't resist.

After, the movie I got my 12 Dancing Princesses Doll, the pink one with blonde hair, because she resembles the Sugar Plum Princesses and I let her sleep beside me. I know I'm sixteen and shit, but sometimes you just gotta go back to your roots. I mean you won't be kid for long. I can't believe in four years, I'll be twenty. So, I turned the switch of my music box and listen to the classical music it played, as the small ballerina spinned round and round.  

And, that's what Christmas felt like, for me. I call it my Holiday Holly, Christmas Eve Cure, and  Christmas Cheer. It reminded me to Believe In Love.  And, I must say, it was a great start towards Christmas. 

Tacos VS. Spaghetti


I can't decide oh yeah, by the way, the spaghetti comes along with a side dish; Hamburgers!!!

The grueling decision must be made. Which, one would you choose?

Monday, December 24, 2012


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Even though I woke up to no presents and so, did my brothers and sister, it wasn't so bad. I told my brothers that since, there's a recession, Santa had to lay off some elves and so, he made a deal with my Mom that the presents would go in the box she's sending.

And, they sorta believed it, but my back-up reason is the one that really got them thinking; I said it's also because we didn't leave him any cookies and milk, last night. They're sorta disappointed, but were going out tomorrow to eat out somewhere nice. And, hopefully the box will come by then. I'm waiting....................

Apparently NO PERSONAL

I can't post pictures of myself or anything else personal. Mom's, Dad's, and Sister's rules. I knew it at the time but, I did it anyway. Gosh, now I'm getting nervous of what might had happened. Well, anyway, yeah so that's the case. Just me and my words and random funny pictures I have stored that's not of me. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Horrible Christmas?

A wavering Christmas spirit, is what I've been having these days because I'm afraid that Christmas would suck more than it already is and it pretty looks like it. But, I'm keeping my hopes up so, it's up then down then up. It gets annoying for me too. After all the Christmas Programs at school were done. It was time to relax. Because.......

Yes! it's finally here, Christmas Vacation, no more waking up early cleaning the house by myself and spending the long afternoon being bored. My brothers and sister got  like, how many days off and are gonna return to school in January. So, far I haven't bought any presents and the box I was so desperately waiting for didn't arrive on the day it was supposed to. And, just when I thought being broke sucks and having Christmas ruined for the second consecutive time.

Everything got better when I talked to my Mom, she told me to think positive and that there's still time. I mean having my Mom gone for 2 years; I gotta tell you the holidays especially Christmas sucked.

The Most Horrible Christmas I Ever: 

 The Uninvited/Unexpected Guests

I mean my grandparents  literally invited my extended relatives my lolo's step-sister to come AFTER Christmas. What they did was come on Christmas Eve then spent the night over they were all stinky and didn't have no manners at all. I mean they literally drank out of a glass cup and put it back on the rack also, they put a candy wrapper in my trophy. MY  FIRST BEAUTY PAGEANT TROPHY.

And, let me tell you I wasn't going off so easily I didn't care who they were. They crossed the line, I moved the presents upstairs under the Christmas tree there; because the little messy kids were opening them, I also, had to clean up the food from the floor on Christmas Day.

Every thing got better when I ate my Lola's delicious Fruit Salad, YUM!! and I talked to my best friend, Nicole and told her the hole story. After they all left we had to scrub the floors and clean like, crazy at one point the mats which, they were sleeping on, we couldn't get the stink or the funk out of it; it was horrible.

The ickest thing happened when my brother, Jarod puked  because of the food and the smell both together. Of course, I had to clean it up along with my sister. I was furious and I felt like, that was the last straw and so, what I did was get the mop from the bathroom they were using and cleaned it up and then put it back and leaving the mop to stink up the place more. But, my sister was a good cookie and she spoiled my fun but, when I mopped the second time I left the puke on the mop and placed in their bathroom. EVIL LAUGH!!!

Did I also mention that my other gold-digging family member from Paete, my Lolo's youngest brother came uninvited and was wearing the clothes that my Lolo gave to him; try'na look like a big shot. And, he came just to ask for money, I was pretty pissed that my Lolo gave a bunch of money to those other kids and not to his own grandkids but, no fear in the end he gave us some like, a lot after I call him out for it.

It was also sad because we didn't really have a lot of presents well, except for my brothers. I miss having my Mom and Dad role play as Santa and I miss waking up early half asleep and opening a bunch of presents that both my Mom and Dad bought and the ones that I received from Santa. I know the whole rich girl turn poor story is just another drama story, but what I really missed is the richness of having money and having everybody who I being around me.

It's just depressing to think that this second Christmas we'll have no presents and no food(maybe) but, on the bright side the house is sorta quiet and clean. My Dad keeps on sighing (horrible at budgeting money)and my Mom keeps on blaming herself for the box not arriving on time(she didn't send it on time). I do wanna blame the two but, who am I to judge; I'm just a kid.

So, I have no choice but, to comfort them instead and hold back my complaints and suck it all up. It's been hard these past few weeks having my Lolo's family the you know, "Stupid Gold-Digging Good for Nothing Stinky People" contact us for money when were barely surviving. I mean they even order us around to ask my gandparents and my Lolo's brother(the one that used to spoil them) to ask them for money. But, we don't do it nor do we even tell them.

Asking myself and my parents if were gonna have another horrible Christmas, is the plan I'm just waiting for the right time. Which, is now.