Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fairy Tail The Movie-Ending

I didn't get to see the other parts but, this is as close I can get from the movie which, is shown here the ending. It's so hilarious because everyone is so serious and I have no idea why because I can't read the subs; I think she died. 

Then Lucy was crying like, crazy and then here comes Natsu to comfort her; I was shocked that they hugged twice heheh. Then everyone in the audience was crying too and then boom he says something then it shows to a scenery and everyone was like, WHAT!!! and started laughing. 

It went to serious to crying to funny mode. Even, I started laughing with because it was that of a cliffhanger.More movies to come from Fairy Tail!!!!! because I heard it was awesome.

Fairy Tail Forever!!

(Yes, they hugged Twice.)

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