Sunday, December 2, 2012

My 3-Day Weekend

Hello, blog and anybody who reads this. I'm back and finally it's another month; I was getting tired of posting in the month November. As, I'm typing this I'm watching Phineas and Ferb their extraordinary vacation "Where's Perry part 2". Man, is it weird. heheh

A lot happened over the weekend like, on Friday we all cleaned then in the afternoon we went to a debut. I didn't know who she was because we weren't close and well, I threw a tantrum and got into a fight with my Dad. But, after much thought yes, I didn't get to go to my best friend's debut, but I get to go to hers!  I felt like I was not cheating, but stabbing her in the back.

Then on Saturday, we just watched t.v. and stuff. We just chilled heheheh. Especiallyl Me, I didn't have to do anything. But, the one i'm really excited to tell is what happened on Sunday. After we went to church; we went to another Pandayan bookstore near it and I looked around for a bit and it looks spectacular. I wanted to check out the book section, but we were in a hurry.

Afterwards, we went to the market and I asked my Dad to buy some new movies the ones that are on my "Movie Marathon List". While, he was gone; me and my siblings played a game that I invented "Extreme Bitch Slapping". And, it was crazy my brother Nate the youngest was going all out and the dude outside the tricycle was looking, like we were crazy and brutal even though we were. heheh

Then we had a movie night and it was AWESOME!! I fell in love with Jack Frost, I totally ship cat woman and batman, and I was screaming as hell when I saw the fighting scenes of Twilight the last movie. I mean Half of the main characters died and I was freaking out. But, in the end it was EPIC!! Now, I can cross those movies off my list.

Today, I'm going to hang up the Christmas lights outside with my Dad. Since, my Lola wants up to be lit up all over. So, no bold words and pictures, but I'm kinda in a hurry. December!!! Here we go! :))

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