Sunday, December 2, 2012

Teen Titans Go!!

Besides, the other episodes about Raven's future and Starfires Sister visit and her marriage and the time they were fighting against that British dude. This episode "Dressing like Robin"  is my number one. How can I resist I love Robin so much and batman. Plus, Robin in Teen Titans is cool, mysterious, and handsome. WEIRD! But, I can't help it I love my superheroes.

One more thing I love about Teen Titans is their killer theme song. It's catchy like, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi  because they're one who sang it. But, back to discussion HeLLo!!!!! Their singing their theme song. The funny part is Cyborg singing Holla Holla Holla My Name..... and Raven singing so lifeless. I read one comment on YouTube and it said "Raven don't strain yourself". hhahah

Also, to be a superhero you not only have to have a perfect costume, hideout/lair, or insignia, but also a theme song. And, you can check all of that out their list because they all live in a house that is in a shape of the letter "T" and live on a island. How superhero can you get?

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