Monday, December 10, 2012

Missing My Best Friend

It's like been a year since I've seen my best friend Nicole, yeah I have other best friends like Mika and then there's my other friends, Sarah and Ate Jyrah. But, no one else compares to Nicole; we first met during second year I think. All the popular girls said she was pretty and hanged out with her so, I thought she was like them then nest thing you know they ditched her because they said she never talks.

And, I thought "Hey, maybe she's different." because she was alone all the time I felt bad for her so, the next day I gained up all my courage and went up to her and asked her if she wanted to eat snack with me. I introduced myself and asked for her name; she was resisting. She came anyway, and she introduced herself. It took time for us to be close friends because Nicole is a really private person and I'm open. So, it's really hard to talk about things.

She still thinks I became friends with her out of pity but, that's only half true. Though we haven't know each other for that long I felt an instant connection and it was through "ANIME". Yes, the power of anime a common hobbie we both share. And, because she hated the mean girls because they kept on comparing her to one of the fat girls who they say looks so pretty she hated it. 

In a few months we were like besties already but, because she already had one who she doesn't really like;   I had to adapt because I had none. 'Cause I went to her church one time, just to see the inside. Moving on, like idiots around each other we would say stuff like...


When we have fun or when we get into a fight. Then when we became third year we would compare our grades and then came to our first field trip as friends. It was a bit awkward but, fun.

We went shopping and ate at Sbarro then I got lost but, I joined the group shortly after I bought a nice bag I saw. hehe it's a mall I never get lost in the mall, I'm practically a mall navigator. That time we were a bit awkward so we joined in a group with a few other girls "The Class Sluts". I used to be friends with Angela before she put my life in danger and Nicole used to be friends with Jaynes who is a loud old lady looking. 

Since, weren't too good at being alone by ourselves we had to go and join them; all I could remember is blowing up my money and not riding the roller-coaster because the girls were too afraid. But, I got to go into the haunted house and hold on to a bunch of guys arms. eheheheh 


Fourth year, is the year that I mostly enjoyed because I wasn't bullied that much and I was myself completely. We were going through a transition to best friends but, is comfortable around each other. We would play pranks on each other and play games. At one time I was asking my sister for advice since, she had a best friend since childhood and I didn't "How to keep a friend?". 

I was afraid of losing our friendship because we were going our separate ways and all of the sudden the popular girls started complimenting her again and that made me jealous because they made me look like a piece of trash like, "Oh, your here to." Then as we were playing I noticed another girl who looked lonely.

She would creep around the halls of the school and listen to her Ipad or something all day and she cuts school too whenever she doesn't feel like it. But, the true reason was because she was so lonely and that no one would talk to her so, she would rather go home and play on her computer. And, that's how we met Mika,  I also made friends with her out of pity; only a little.

That's how I started the Korean addiction or shall I say fangirlism. We were loud and people would complain like, our classmates more like haters and they would also call us "K-pop girls". And, I hated it because I love anime but, I endure it for Mika's sake. 

She got me into liking all these hot guys and learning k-pop dances one of our favorites to dance and sing was "Goodbye baby goodbye" by Miss A and sing "Lady" by the boss. We had our first sleepover called "Love Parade" named by the song by the boss, because of their looks and vocal chops. I gotta admit, Mika was giving me a hard time in the beginning, even Nicole noticed it. 

She should be more grateful that I still stick around. Uhmf...

We also, did cosplaying and traveled which I loved doing so much.


With all of that going on I was not about to forget about my studies. Homework, projects, and researches bring it on! I was determined to ace them all and I came 4th in class. My mistake was teaching Nicole my study habits but, the only reason she took my place as third is because she needed a scholarship really bad. Because they have financial problems.

When I cam back to school my teacher/ class guide separated me from Nicole and Mika so, they sat next to each other an I got stuck next to Britney from Canada. My gosh we did not get along except for the fact I would talk to her and we both speak English. I was jealous because I felt like, I was being left behind.  I'm the GLUE! that holds them together.


So, I called Nicole out for it and we got past that obstacle and good thing I have Jasper one of my guy friends to cheer me up. He showed me a video of him and my classmates dancing the dougie in the boys bathroom. I've always been curious to as to what the boy's bathroom looks like and now I know. hehe

Then during our last field trip something happened between Nicole and Mika. I was pretty pissed that Mika sat in the middle and I had to sit on the side not next to the window but, near the lane and I hated it. Anyway, we had lots of fun but, the dramatic part was when Mika kept on mocking Nicole's stolen shots of her face. I came to the rescue and comforted her and me and Mika switched seats hehehe. oh well....


I cheered her up and literally cried, because I said if you don't stop crying I will cry too and then I did. So, emotional, right. Then they both set it out straight but, to cover up the reason why Nicole was crying was hard. Because Wigi one of my classmates asked why she was crying and was blaming me and I said this without even thinking "She's crying because of the weather; it looks like it's about to rain." 

That made her laugh. Afterwards we went into the Broadway show and it was okay, it would have been better if there wasn't that much gay people acting as the girls. Mika was being so pushy to get my seat which I didn't give to her. Then after the play we went outside to take pictures with the characters; I wanted the Prince and I did. He was posing with all the girls but, with me he hugged me like bear couple hug.

I was so surprised that he did that, I looked so flushed yet felt so uncomfortable. But, I'm glad he did that hehe the prince! because all my classmates were jealous meaning the guys looked suspicious and the girls gave me the stink eye. Ahhh Memories.

Missing the times we shared.

Hanging out 

Taking photo shoots and stuff

My last post for the night; Good Night, everyone!

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