Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Little Rusty

This is how my poor hands and fingers feel right now, because I'm finally online at night. And, well there's so many people I said Merry Christmas and God Bless too. Then me and my friends where searching up pictures and gifs then we share it with each other then comment while, still talking to each other separately in a chat box.

We don't really use our group box "Love Parade" to chat, because where too lazy to open it. Then I started chatting with 4-5 people; there was my Mom, Big Bro, Nicole "Nic Nic", Mika, and my ex-emo best guy friend Kenneth "Neth". Hhehehe I'm the only one who calls him that, yeah were pretty close. I'm so glad I don't have to talk in Tagalog with him anymore I can explain myself more better.

My hands are hurting like, fuck!!!!! A warrior I am, for the sake of typing and writing. Then, well we all caught up and stuff it was fun. I gotta admit and I don't have writer's block anymore and that's why I'm posting again. I think my hands just hurt, it's been awhile since, I last did this "multi-task" and I'm a little rusty. And, my hands are paying for it by exercising. hehhehe 

Oh yeah, by the way, I watched the "King's Speech", Today. I loved it, I must get it from my Mom; loving old fashioned movies. Well, I think I'll stop here for the day, I"m getting sleepy and it's like, 12:38 A.M. hehehehe I beat Cathy's record; Did I ever tell you I once stayed up till four in the morning watching Anime. I got grounded for that and I couldn't go on the computer for weeks. Okay, I'm literally stopping now. 

Night Everybody, Merry Christmas and God Bless You All!!!

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