Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Retro, Easy, and Classy

Retro Maniac

I absolutely love old fashion clothes it's like so easy going, cute, perky, and comfortable. And, my perfect choice to showcase the retro stile is nobody else than, Miss Nancy Drew. From the beginning to end she looked stunning. 

This is where you can go with old prints and a one choice color palette, and you don't look like a walking crayon box. I wore an outfit inspired by the plaided yellow and purple outfit when I went to church. I felt like I was a detective on a case in the church... HmMm.. 

Easy Summer

I love the summer, to feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. It's perfect for going to the beach, light houses, or to travel. So, I chose some easy pieces and accessories to make your feel and flow beautifully.

 Make a statement with your colorful shorts or branded new heels that are too killer for people to accept your a  fashionista. These are not just for summer use them; recycle your clothes and use them when going out a mall or a movie. I'm sure everyone would be jealous. Especially if your going out with your friends. 

Classy yet Bold

I know I said I love summer, but I love summer dresses even more. Cute and sweet pieces that make you go oh la la is even better. Since, it's a cold month I added a little bit of some warm weather clothing that look petite.

 Also, if you guys are wondering yes, some of it is k-fashion, but be alarmed I don't favor k-fashion as such as my own personal taste I'm really a die-hard American girl (Party in the U.S.A.) is inspired me to try those cute mini jeans. 

Back to as I was saying; you could turn this down. Hello!! have you ever heard of Hello Kitty or Ellie Saab. Warm tones and soft baby colors are in. 













Hey, there's always other styles if you don't seem to fit or it's just not you. Rock or skull, baby pink or blue, I got you. Because, I don't just follow the styles or my closet I follow my own. I can be in a cute baby doll dress with doll shoes and the next in my pumped up kicks and jean shorts rocking with my American logo shirt. 

Be you! here's a little guide or suggestions you can use to find your inner style. 

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