Tuesday, December 11, 2012


And, thus I begin my weeping....I can't believe it's over. I feel so sad and empty inside though I already had my graduation and no graduation trip for me but, I did have my last gig with my best buddies. Me, Nicole, and Mika performed at school during our prom; our band was called "Athena" I don't know why but, it just fit the piece. 

We were supposed to use "Love Parade" because that's what we call ourselves and our little group. But, Mika wanted something different and she was the one who suggested the gig in the first place so, I let her do it and also, because "Christine" my bully/organizer of the prom said "What's your band name again, Power Puff Girls? Boy, did I want to smack her in the face. BITCH SLAP style. 

I kept my cool in the end, so "Athena" I couldn't play a guitar or any instrument because I don't know how. So, I was left to vocals and since, Nicole also didn't know how to play a guitar she was the minor vocals. It was only supposed to be me and Mika but, I didn't want Nicole to be left behind. only, Mika knew how to play an instrument the guitar too.

Everything was perfect then during rehearsals I killed it, literally. My high notes were surprising the hell out of my homeroom teacher and my other classmates( the guys have their own band "The Pogi Band" meaning "The Handsome Band"). And, let me tell you they weren't hehe moving on, Nicole was having a little bit of trouble with the singing parts and so, I helped her out. And, our performance at the prom was a success a few bumps here and there couldn't stop us. 

We were the crowd favorite but, I was a little disappointed that my own classmates "Co-ed"; instead of watching us they looked for a few seconds then while we were performing they were taking pictures on top of the stage. I thought they were really rude. But, I just kept singing and I had a blast!

You're my inspiration always
K-on I love you!!!!!!

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