Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Sparks

                                                        Barbie and The Nutcracker

Last night, on Christmas Eve, I watched my favorite Christmas movie besides, Home Alone 1 and 2. I love to watch Barbie and the Nutcracker. I don't know why, but there's just something about how in the beginning how much she cared for the the Nutcracker turned Prince Eric. 

I would have done the same thing, because it's a Nutcracker one of my all time Christmas must-have decorations. My brothers kept on saying it was gay the movie and calling the Nutcracker "Nut-Cracker" and every time they said Nutcracker in the movie they would say; "awwwww....OUCH!", because they were playing with their psp's, but little did they know I saw them glancing and watching it at times. Wahahahaha

I didn't really care what they said, I was too busy dancing to the ballet music and watching Clara and Prince Eric's relationship blossom. It's a shame I used to have that doll and a Nutcracker, but I had to leave her and it was very precious to me; it was given to me by my Uncle, and well as for the Nutcracker, I remember the red one's arm broke and the green one with black hair broke it's jaw.

I would say "Oh no, he's injured. We need to treat him with Neosporin". Sorry, but that was the only medicine I knew back then, when I was four or five; I think. Yeah, so, after I watched the whole movie; I realized that Prince Eric is the most handsomest Ken ever. But, his crotch was sticking out too much and that made my brothers laugh like, crazy. I tried to defend him, but the damage was already done; even I couldn't resist.

After, the movie I got my 12 Dancing Princesses Doll, the pink one with blonde hair, because she resembles the Sugar Plum Princesses and I let her sleep beside me. I know I'm sixteen and shit, but sometimes you just gotta go back to your roots. I mean you won't be kid for long. I can't believe in four years, I'll be twenty. So, I turned the switch of my music box and listen to the classical music it played, as the small ballerina spinned round and round.  

And, that's what Christmas felt like, for me. I call it my Holiday Holly, Christmas Eve Cure, and  Christmas Cheer. It reminded me to Believe In Love.  And, I must say, it was a great start towards Christmas. 

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