Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Real Life High School Love Story

How it begins:

1. I drink Hot coco in the morning and I'm still sleepy so, I look like this.

2. I go to school, all happy and cheery. 

3. I learn a lot of things from class then explain them to my friend if they don't understand.

4. I get annoyed by one of my guy classmates trying to hit on me. 

5. I go downstairs to go eat snack with my best friends.

6. I separate from the group to submit my projects, researches, and etc. 
Then I bump into my crush and we have a moment. By the way, this actually happened to me and I had to hold my breath because I didn't want to make a fool of myself. In, the end it did and my crush woke up wondering why my cheeks look red. Epic Fail..huhu

7. I go back to my classroom and evaluate what just happened and scream it out. Because I'm madly in-love.

8. I tell my best friends about it and they corner me to find out more details. Then they tease me like, "eeeeee" and I'm like, shut up or nooo!!!! Bunch of blabber mouths. 


*From Experience*

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