Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is It A Butterfly? No it's, Lunafly!

Hello, people again!!! after a posting a long one, I got an idea and well, I've been thinking whether to post this or not and then my hands just said YES! I can do it! and so, I listen to them. hehehe Okay, now listen to me no listen to them, Lunafly. 

Earlier, when my sister was checking the channels on the T.V. and when she said she's trying to quit K-pop, because she's beginning too obsessed. She stopped the channel on the is group pranking each other and it was brutal and not even funny. But, man are they good looking, hehehe I couldn't resist. Their names are Yun(left), Teo(center), and Sam(right). 


Don't they look splendidly charming, I called dibs on Sam. Because I love his voice. And, here is one of their music video's that they filmed. Oh and the maknae(youngest member) Teo, can cook ;) Here's just a little test for your ears. 

I fell over heels listening to the maknae and Sam. Okay, I'll leave you with this. Enjoy!!! :)

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