Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Heaven In Earth Pt. 1


"It felt like, Heaven being with you guys."   

The Love Parade get together along with my sister. We got the chance to all see each other again, because of Holiday break. And, what's the first thing my friends do when they come back to the province. They call me up and hang. Though, this all happened during Christmas Eve, I wanted to wait to post it.

So, here's the deal I go to Mika's house thinking we'll probably do the usual, you know photo shoot and stuff; so, I brought clothes, shoes, and accessories then we don't even use them. Instead, we half -watched 2012 and laughed our asses off while, we were waiting for Nicole. 

When Nic came, we all started talking and asking each other questions. But, before I go in intimate detail, I have got to say that the first thing I noticed from Nic, was her hair, face, and clothes. She looks absolutely stunning. 

I mean no pimples on the cheeks, her hair isn't so fuzzy and it's shiny black, and lastly he clothes which, she wears now, made me say "Who is this girl". They really changed appearance wise, but they're still the same person. So, going back to what I was saying, after we asked a few questions and had so little answers; we looked at Mika's "Bar pictures", because she went to a K-pop Event and it was held at the bar. 

They kinda all scared me, because they look scary and not one picture did I see Mika drinking. But, we all knew she was and she confessed herself, then finally we saw it, she took a picture of a half-fulled beer bottle and she said that was hers. I was like, bowing to the great "Barney Stinson" of our group; she's so mature.

Afterwards, we watched "Infinite's Japan Concert" and we were all fangirling. Though, was kinda not feeling like screaming; it was nice to see their concert, Mika is a big fan of Infinite so, she buys all their albums and stuff. It was nice and while we were watching it, me and my sister wore Santa hats and Mika and Nicole wore deer hairbands, which I brought for fun.

Next, I suggested we all update each other on what's been happening and stuff. And, they all agreed, we all made a circle and Mika got her "Myungsoo mini statue", to serve as a baton for passing to whose gonna talk next. Nobody wanted to go first so, I had too. I told them everything, to me being MC Hammer broke for the first time in my life to my new obsession with Princess and Disneyland all the way to how 2012 is not my year and they all agreed with me on that.

Following after, was Nicole, She talked about how she's been slacking off, day dreaming, and dozing off in class. And, her grades aren't as solid, they're like, okay. Then she spilled about how she losing her Conservative-ness is slowly disappearing each and every day she spends in Manila. And, it's all to blame to "Peer-Pressure" and a "Boy". Even, I was surprised and amazed about how young she is and she's like,experiencing crazy college things. Oh, by the way, she's fifteen, she went to school early like, me. But, I'm one year her senior like, age and we're classmates.

 She striked out so many things she shouldn't be doing. Example:
  • Giving into Peer Pressure.
  • Giving off signs to a guy when you have your whole 20's to do that.
  • Indirectly kissing a guy at your Christmas Party.
  • Being the first one to make the move when you like, the guy and he like's you back. He'll put less efforts into treating you , because he thinks that you can do it yourself. I think he's either GAY or CHICKEN to not have made the first move.
  • And, confessing out of the blue, because your heart was beating too fast.
I guess some them aren't bad , because I'll do that too, but there's a catch; she's IGLESIA. And, if your not conservative you'll be the whole talk of the town and you'll family will be shamed upon. I'm not Igelsia, I just went to their church once, because I was curious to see the inside. And, I was scared shitless that  I might go in and they haven't seen me around, because I'm not one of them and they might tackle me or something. That's the weird scenario that popped into my head at the time.

Anyway, who has that kind of Christmas Parties, you know where you have to sit on one of the guys laps when the music stops or the other game where you have to touch the guys parts when the music stops. DIRTY, the kind of things I expect when I go to college. Exciting and tempting, but it's Nicole; and at times she can be quite naive and easily manipulative, because she doesn't know much. And, that's why she was so sad and told us that her Mom said that she was disappointed in her and wants her to control herself a bit.

Sorry for the delay, but I keep on getting interrupted. So, here's part one and thank you sooo very much!!!! Just now I saw my blog and I have 3001 page views now. I'm soo happy!! I feel like, I can scream on top of a mountain. To be more dramatic I could just die! hahahaha 

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