Thursday, December 27, 2012

Facts, Argument, and Debate!

What People Think of Anime and Cosplay
(Is it Anime, Cosplay or simply both):

1. Perverted?


  • Most people think Anime is perverted.
  • Most people think that people who go to Cosplay events are perverts. 

  • Most Anime's just simply have perverted characters or show perverted stuff. But, then again Anime is  for teenagers and young adults. So, that's sorta allowed. But, on the other hand, when I went to  Cosplay event they're were people mostly "guys" who took a lot of pictures with my best friend and sister who were both cosplaying in an anime school uniform from Lucky Star. They even wanted their number. So, I say BOTH.
2. Violent....

  • Most people think that Anime's are very violent, because they see characters hitting each other with hammers that come out of nowhere and cursing.
  • Most people think that Cosplay events are safe.
  • As I said, in Anime's depict violent things, but it's shown to be funny not encourage violence. And, Cosplaying events are so not safe, you can get snubbed, harassed, and get lost. Sometimes there's even a stampede. The answer is COSPLAY, because they have a higher percentage of violence breaking out, then in watching anime. 

3. Freaky!!!!

  • Most people think that Anime is too weird and that the affect of you smiling, crying, laughing, giggling, screaming, and getting mad or depressed, because of something that happened in the anime. Is just plain freaky. 
  • Most people think that this is what Cosplayers do and look like, and some call it a freak show without even looking at the details of the costume nor the copy of the character the person is embodying.
  • I would have to say BOTH for sure, I mean Anime and the affect it has on me; I gotta say, it scares me sometimes, it's like, an addiction. That I resort to act like, that and sometimes I have a hard time controlling  myself. I admit. Then for cosplaying it just sorta freaks me out when somebody actually looks like, the character or sounds like, it. And, also if the guys are dressed as girl characters and it's pretty bad; that's definitely freaky. 

 4. Doesn't Make sense.

  • Most people think Anime's are stupid, because in some anime's the characters and the plot, just doesn't make sense. 
  • Most people think that Cosplaying, doesn't make sense because they don't see the reason why we need to dress up and act like, the characters and put them into real life and it's a waste of money. Some people just don't have any imagination.

  • Definitely, ANIME, because cosplaying you can get the idea already why we do it. I mean it's like, asking comic book cosplayers why they dress like, heroes. But, in Anime sometimes the authors or creators just make it for fun, it can either go really good and be a hit or really bad and stupid. See, it's really risky. I can name some like, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and Azu Mangu Dayu, I think. Those are the only ones I know. 

End of Discussion!
WHEW! My hands are hurting again. eheheheh So, worth it. 

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