Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The time of my blog is set for the U.S. time you know, Cali. But, here in the Philippines is already 12.12.12 and surprising enough all of my friends on Facebook are going wild; I guess that movie 2012 really scared them that they're celebrating the fact that it's not true. I'm not going all out because I have much more respect for people's beliefs and legends of any sort. 

The thing that's on my mind is it's already the 12th and I still haven't gone shopping! :(( My Mom is sending money on the 14th so, fingers crossed we I can shop then, right. hheheh Right now, since Mom is on her way home I'm talking to my cousin and all of them are so kind as to say "Get well soon." Gosh, I miss my friends because wait... did you know that every time I fell sick they came to visit me. 

That one time they came I cried because I never had any friends come over to check-up on me and that's the reason why I miss them. SOOO much!!! It was like, in the Anime also, because I knew that that's means were really best friends. I wasn't expecting them at all. 

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