Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Downer

Posts.. posts...Posts, that's all I can think about; I mean I haven't posted since, I don't know. Lately, a lot of things has been going on in and out of my head and I thought it's for the best to keep it all locked in my diary instead, of my blog. So, there you have my reason; I don't expect anyone to read this or anything. I'm just mostly dedicating this to my blog because I feel like, I've been neglecting it again.

It's December and I'm getting nowhere actually, I am nowhere. Swirling, tumbling, and tripping over things all the time; it's like, I can't even stand on my own two feet. So, far so good, give a thumbs up, and a big great smile and applaud yourself. Ring any bells, it's called faking it; I don't mean t, but if I don't people will start to ask questions, I can't even answer myself. That's why it's best to be alone.

Today, there's mall weather and I feel no joy. Today, i watched half of Kuzco The Emperor's New Groove and I forced myself to laugh. I feel like, I'm dead or something; my skin isn't pale or cold, but that look on my face my sister said; was chilling and sad. She asked me what was wrong and I answered I don't know. In a perfect world and in my head, she would have hugged me and said that it's okay.

But, she didn't and that's okay I don't expect to understand every little feeling I feel. On, the more brighter side I'm gonna be busy posting and downloading a lot of princess pictures and gifs. heheeh  Because, I'm such an addict to pictures, imagery, and funny yet pretty stuff. I'm gonna be busy doing that, so everything will be Princess, soon. 

Oh yeah, and I'm also gonna be posting Life posts soon. So, if you can wait till then that would be splendid. :)) Okay, now I'm off to download more Princess photos. 

December please inspire me!!!!

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