Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heaven In Earth Pt. 2

 "If he wasn't interested in you, he would have turned you down." 

Continuing....So, in the end there's a chance that me and Nicole might be going cosplaying on the 29th. I don't wanna jinx it so, I won't talk about it as much. But, Nicole still hasn't replied back if were going or not, because I'm settled I'm just waiting for her. Her Mom is still half and half on it, because of money wise and she's still a little pissed about the pictures and, trust me I saw it; A little messy as I may say. 

Then, it was my sister's turn, I rarely see Cathy cry. I think the last time I saw her cry was when her and her best friend got yelled at by a classmate's auntie. So, when she talked about how she was getting bullied at school, which I am only hearing about now. She started to tear up and said that she stands up for herself, but sometimes it just hurts so much that she can't take it anymore. And, she told my friends why she didn't tell me nor my Dad is because she doesn't want to cause a ruckus.

Because, when you disrespect my family I go all crazy bitch and I literally like, to go down and dirty no matter what age they are. Since, that's how me and my Dad are she wanted to avoid that. I was at the time silent and just feeling bad that she was holding a big secret on her shoulders. After, she got a little senior advice from all of us, she talked about her love life and stuff. And, she stopped crying.

At last, it was Mika's turn and she told us which, was a big surprise, that her parents were getting back together. And, I was glad and happy for her and I kinda guessed that maybe, she stopped cutting herself. Then, here came the bad part, she avoided the topic before, but he got it out of her anyway. Her love life, I told you guys about James before at least; I think I did. But, anyway she's sad, because after all the flirting and signs he gave her, he's going back to chasing after that girl who just wants to be chased.

Mika, said that she knows the girl is a total bitch and just wants to treat him like, a dog who wants a bone. So, she stopped talking to him and interacting with him, but he kept on talking to her and he knows that she likes him, but unlike those other girls who he rejected on the spot. He didn't reject Mika and instead, he gets near her and avoids saying or talking about the "girl". 

Mika thinks he was just playing with her emotions, I mean she's 16 and he's like, 20 and I can understand where she's coming from. But, I told her that  "If he wasn't interested in you, he would have turned you down."  And, that made her feel better, but If I were her I would give up on him, because for starters he's legal and she's not (minor). Also, she should concentrate on school, I mean are they all just fooling around! They should be more responsible. 

I told them that too Nicole and Mika, and that's how I got the name "Onee-san". Also, because, I'm the oldest of the bunch, I'm born little earlier then Mika. It was fun and I got to see all the updates and stuff. My luck is slowly turning around. :))

After we all went out separated ways again. Nicole, message me saying that "Being all together again, it felt like, Heaven".

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