Sunday, December 16, 2012


So, recently I haven't been posting because I still have no inspiration and well, I just said fuck it; it's getting me nowhere. Speaking loudly and clearly I officially back on track of my just post this and that policy, because it is my blog. I also did some anime research and I gained more pictures into my "Funny Gif and Pic" folder and my "Anime" folder.

Because I'm back to watching Fairy Tail and City Hunter. I go back and forth with animes; also has anyone saw the latest Gossip Girl episode like what the hell. Bart might be or possibly is dead then Serena moved to L.A. then Chuck almost died and Blare is freaked out because she thought Chuck died, but he didn't and then she saw Bart fall off a building. Extravagant isn't it!

The thrill of it made me cry, laugh, and yell and the outcome a more of a soar throat and the cough. I will tell you now I hate the cold weather, but I love winter; yes. My cold felt me out of the blue and made me put aside the keyboard and mouse so I say. Anyway, I can't wait till the nest episode, I heard Chuck and Blare are getting married and fingers crossed Serena and Dan too.

Also, on another hit show the Big Bang Theory. Yeah, I heard that Sheldon and Amy will get married too in four years though and the creator of the show said that there will be 10 seasons and right now; It's season 6. Oh goodie!!! I'm so excited because they're love story is just fresh and cool to see. It was the weekend again and it just had to be exams. I can't believe we had to skip out on Christmas shopping and our Family get-together swimming party. Sighs...

This time the "Achievement Exam", the exams where all five major subjects: Math, Science, Soc.Sci, English, and C.E. are taken. The teachers pick certain items from the past exams starting from the beginning and to where they stopped and combined it into one long thick test. Can you imagine five tests and 7-10 pages worth of questions. I had to tutor my brother Nathan for it and even I was getting both sleepy and tired because it was so long.

So, today is Monday but, I wanna tell you guys what I watched over the course of the weekend. On, Saturday I watched Cinderella III, I really love the Prince though I don't know his name. Hhehe "I knew she was the one when I first touched her hand" AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE TOO POWERFUL! Out of the three movies I really like the third one, because it shows how he's madly in-love with Cinderella.

Also, it showed who the Prince really is unlike the other Princes we have no idea what's their story except for Eugee, Aladin, and Prince Naveen. Then, yesterday I watched Modern Family-I found out Phil's dark side is scary, Switched At Birth-it got even more dramatic, Big Bang Theory- I love that episode hehehe Amy gets sick and Sheldon takes care of her; my favorite episode yet.

I also watched The Muppets Movie- half only though because I was waiting for the movie "Abduction" starring Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins. I gotta say it was really good so good that it's now going on my list of favorite movies of all time. Oh yeah, during Saturday I watched Saturday Night Live, Jamie Fox wasn't all that funny, but it was okay; I guess.

You know what's funny, yesterday me and my little brother played a prank on my other younger brother, Jarod. So, while he was studying upstairs we set up my Taylor Lautner poster the one with him laying down, you know the one from the Seventeen magazine anyway, hehe we knocked on the door and ran downstairs to hide inside the blue room. And, my brother was all like "WTF!!!!!!!!!!". He was so mad that he stole my poster and threaten to rip it apart. Hahahahaha It was so funny that it was worth it.

And last but not the least, the tragedy at Sandy Hook school. I cried for those who were lost; I mean seriously 20 kids and they were just babies too and they had so much to offer and then some crazed psycho manic mad man just have to come in and shoot them. Why couldn't he just shoot himself and get it over with, I don't see why he had to bring the children with him. 

I was furious and sensitive, my family was upset and we all watched the vigil together as we held each other and at the end lit a candle in front our Santo Nino, because now they are in God's hands. When I first saw their pictures all I could think of was how they won't be able to see Christmas or their parents. It broke my heart. Why do people who are crazy and sick need to make it our problem that they're like that; I mean if you got a problem then fix it your self, STUPID! bringing innocent people into your despair won't do anything but, add more to your conscience. Guns and crazy people, sometimes I wished they never exist.

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