Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Horrible Christmas?

A wavering Christmas spirit, is what I've been having these days because I'm afraid that Christmas would suck more than it already is and it pretty looks like it. But, I'm keeping my hopes up so, it's up then down then up. It gets annoying for me too. After all the Christmas Programs at school were done. It was time to relax. Because.......

Yes! it's finally here, Christmas Vacation, no more waking up early cleaning the house by myself and spending the long afternoon being bored. My brothers and sister got  like, how many days off and are gonna return to school in January. So, far I haven't bought any presents and the box I was so desperately waiting for didn't arrive on the day it was supposed to. And, just when I thought being broke sucks and having Christmas ruined for the second consecutive time.

Everything got better when I talked to my Mom, she told me to think positive and that there's still time. I mean having my Mom gone for 2 years; I gotta tell you the holidays especially Christmas sucked.

The Most Horrible Christmas I Ever: 

 The Uninvited/Unexpected Guests

I mean my grandparents  literally invited my extended relatives my lolo's step-sister to come AFTER Christmas. What they did was come on Christmas Eve then spent the night over they were all stinky and didn't have no manners at all. I mean they literally drank out of a glass cup and put it back on the rack also, they put a candy wrapper in my trophy. MY  FIRST BEAUTY PAGEANT TROPHY.

And, let me tell you I wasn't going off so easily I didn't care who they were. They crossed the line, I moved the presents upstairs under the Christmas tree there; because the little messy kids were opening them, I also, had to clean up the food from the floor on Christmas Day.

Every thing got better when I ate my Lola's delicious Fruit Salad, YUM!! and I talked to my best friend, Nicole and told her the hole story. After they all left we had to scrub the floors and clean like, crazy at one point the mats which, they were sleeping on, we couldn't get the stink or the funk out of it; it was horrible.

The ickest thing happened when my brother, Jarod puked  because of the food and the smell both together. Of course, I had to clean it up along with my sister. I was furious and I felt like, that was the last straw and so, what I did was get the mop from the bathroom they were using and cleaned it up and then put it back and leaving the mop to stink up the place more. But, my sister was a good cookie and she spoiled my fun but, when I mopped the second time I left the puke on the mop and placed in their bathroom. EVIL LAUGH!!!

Did I also mention that my other gold-digging family member from Paete, my Lolo's youngest brother came uninvited and was wearing the clothes that my Lolo gave to him; try'na look like a big shot. And, he came just to ask for money, I was pretty pissed that my Lolo gave a bunch of money to those other kids and not to his own grandkids but, no fear in the end he gave us some like, a lot after I call him out for it.

It was also sad because we didn't really have a lot of presents well, except for my brothers. I miss having my Mom and Dad role play as Santa and I miss waking up early half asleep and opening a bunch of presents that both my Mom and Dad bought and the ones that I received from Santa. I know the whole rich girl turn poor story is just another drama story, but what I really missed is the richness of having money and having everybody who I being around me.

It's just depressing to think that this second Christmas we'll have no presents and no food(maybe) but, on the bright side the house is sorta quiet and clean. My Dad keeps on sighing (horrible at budgeting money)and my Mom keeps on blaming herself for the box not arriving on time(she didn't send it on time). I do wanna blame the two but, who am I to judge; I'm just a kid.

So, I have no choice but, to comfort them instead and hold back my complaints and suck it all up. It's been hard these past few weeks having my Lolo's family the you know, "Stupid Gold-Digging Good for Nothing Stinky People" contact us for money when were barely surviving. I mean they even order us around to ask my gandparents and my Lolo's brother(the one that used to spoil them) to ask them for money. But, we don't do it nor do we even tell them.

Asking myself and my parents if were gonna have another horrible Christmas, is the plan I'm just waiting for the right time. Which, is now.

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