Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Night Party

Okay, I know I haven't been posting and it bugs me, the reason is because we had a party at my house. My Dad's classmates Christmas Party was held here because we have a big house. I loved it because besides the endless cleaning in the end we get to hide food in our fridge and eat it tomorrow or keep it and besides nobody goes inside somebody else's refrigerator, I mean that's just rude if your a guest.

Since, there was gonna be a lot of old people(40's) I don't really like them one of them treated me like a maid that's why; she's a total BI-ATCH and I told my Dad. Anyway, Yeah, I wanted to invite my friend and sister's bff over to hang and party with us unfortunately she had to attend a wedding. So, I just cleaned, eat, watch T.V. in my room, eat, and then write in my diary. 

But, the highlight for me of the night was talking to my so called "Big Bro" I first met him at the Cosplay Convention I went to, we didn't speak but, I borrowed his sword. Also, I used to have a crush on him but, then I realize he's not all that handsome just charming; besides I helped break out of his shell and get a girlfriend. I never confessed my love for him eeee so cheesy. Yeah, so it's been a long time and we were talking about how much we love strawberries and this weird act about we love it so much that I had  scenario in my head. 

Then I bothered Andrei another one of my ex-crush; he's also my sister's classmate/ my prom dance partner. So, were practically good friends, imagine hearing these sort of things from a shy nerdy dude. Ahh sweet innocent Andrei. I bothered him and started the conversation with "andrei........" stalker style. He was laughing like crazy 'cause I think I freaked him out, but, we continued to talk Oh, P.S. me and my sister were both talking to him. I was typing and she was telling me what to say in the beginning school-related stuff. 

When they asked us to sing outside I said "Nah, I'm talking to someone" and my sister "And, I'm watching her talk to someone". Weird huh. Even more weird while talking to Andrei we laughed then clapped our hands three times at the SAME TIME. I posted that on Facebook and it was a total mind-reader moment that afterwards we high-fived each other.

Food that was served:

Sweet Rice

Fried Chicken
Fried Noodles
Graham Cake

The Food was delicious and sorry if I don't have that much pictures of full food I just went straight to eating without taking any pictures. The BBQ was our contribution and for my favorite dish is the Graham cake, it was magnifico. There is more like ice cream and stuff but, oh well. Also, it was so funny all the people brought soda then it turns out most of them have cholesterol so they couldn't drink it. It was hilarious. I gotta say my lola my Dad's auntie is his classmate so once she drank alcohol she was singing "WOO" and stuff like crazy; she was the loudest of the bunch.

While, I was on the computer my cousins came in and started bothering me; I guess because they saw Cathy dancing in front of me while I was serious on the computer and then my second sibling came then both of them started dancing in front of me. The whole time I was like "........................" when they came total invasion of privacy they were asking who is that your boyfriend, when I was talking to "Big Bro". I didn't say anything because it's my business and they're not involved

Then when my distant cousin "John Mark", who I had a crush on when I was a kid and didn't know he was my cousin. It was so embarrassing because the whole family knows and that's all  in the past, but they still bring it up. Moving on, Sarah, my sister's bff; who always likes the same guy as me, asked me if he was gonna come and I said no because he wasn't invited and besides I had no idea he was coming. 

So, when he came I was surprised at Sarah's vision and I whispered it to Cathy and they wanted to know what I was whispering. And, I guess it all happened at once because they kept on shaking me and poking me. And, I spilled the beans that Sarah likes him and he was curious as to who she was. And, told me to look her up on Facebook and I said no and he just jumped me and took over the computer and saw her. 

And, he was like all "..............she's okay". And, I told them this never happened but, I told Sarah anyway and she forgave me because she said he finds her attractive. And, so anyway I said not to go check her out because he has enough chicks on his plate and it's true but, because he walks funny like a gay person, I think he's gay. It'll make sense when he comes out of the closet, I mean he puts on too much powder all the time. 

Lolo's big parol is up so, that means where officially lit up for Christmas. Everyone was happy. Oh yeah, I haven't forgot about you, Papa. I did a shout on Facebook "Happy Pearl Harbor Day".

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