Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where Can Ya Look?

I watched Cinderella the first and second movie and I gotta tell ya I was amazed again. It's like every time I watch Disney movies they always make me wanna reflect on my life. I loved the part when the prince said that he'll stay with Cinderella because it's her first time being a princess and then at the last minute he had to go somewhere and he was trying convincing his dad, the king to let him stay. So sweet..... 


The more sweeter it gets at the part when he came home and the castle looked amazing and he was looking through the crowd to spot Cinderella and when he finally saw her. He just ran and lifted her into his arms and kissed her. Saying "I missed you". AWWWWW...... (Takes a spooon full of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream) I'm just kidding I wasn't eating.  

But, my eyes were big and my heart was vulnerable. It made me think Where can you ya look? for love that is. 

Right now, my princess life is like the Mean Disney Girls video. It's completely true. I know I have better things to do like study and stuff, it doesn't hurt to try. And, the worst it gets when there's no one you can actually talk to you. what can I say I'm stuck in high school even though I'm not going to school right now, but when I leave I'm still gonna be in high school.  


So, if you have a boyfriend or a friend you can lean on or have already found your soul mate or your mate then you sure are lucky. Some may wish and pray, but it never comes t them; some may look but they can't find and some find but can't hold. Love, darlings is something that is of unbalance it can go either way. It doesn't hurt to dream, but don't get your head too stuck in the clouds that you can't come down and when it's finally at your doorstep you end up disappointed. For now that's all I can do, is DREAM.

Dream that my Prince Charming would sweep me off my feet.




                                   ......Anytime now PLEASE... I'm just kidding. LOL

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