Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog Trouble

Hmm.... I'm going to be totally honest, I wish I could type on those type writer thingy's it's so vintage and cool. It's so annoying how I'm literally getting bitten as I'm on the computer by a stupid pesky little mosquito; one of God's worst creations. Moving on, look at the title it says "Blog Trouble" which, fits my situation perfectly.

For the past week I've been having a hard time figuring out what I want to blog about and still till to this very day. I'm coming forward saying that I have only been absent for a few days and then all of a sudden I'm getting no views. I know it's to be expected, I'm such a freak once a see the rates fall I get all worked up to get to the bottom of it. My posts ain't that interesting I know I'm bored too and that's why I'm posting this. As, like putting a sign up on a door saying vacant or busy; I'm just not that inspired.

The holidays are coming and I miss my Mom and my bestfriend; yeah yeah I already posted that but, the truth is I still am inside. Though I gained the courage to tell my Mom that I really missed her I was like about to cry my eyes out as she said  "I miss you more".

 My blog yes, successful to others like, my family and other people but, to me just another project  down the toilet. I'm all happy that "My Go-To Feel Good Girl Craze" post is doing fantastic and so is my "Snow White Madness" post which I have no idea why; It's just me in a red costume. I mean that's great news in all but, what can I do to bring more viewers and make my blog more creative and awesome than it already is.

Options...options....Suggestions...suggestions, there were many but, sucked as hell. So, I got some soul searching and I found out that K-on had a movie which I never watched and Fairy Tail as well, but, I can't find it. I'm seeking guidance from God and inspiration from two of my favorite anime, because honestly speaking City Hunter was all good and all but, it got boring as I progressed and I didn't even enter season 2 yet.

I need something cool, young, fresh, and popular; something that would make it so appealing to the eyes that people would wanna stop and read it sorta like, a newspaper. I don't really care about followers; I mean for crying out loud I'm following myself and I'm not even sure how I got there no how to unfollow myself. So, weird. Anyway, so this is my mission!

No more pictures replacing what I want to say but, have no idea what. I'm going to start with words because that's how I got people reading in the first place, right. Oh yeah, that's right I'm here all by myself. 

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