Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Total Mess


I know that lately I've been a total mess, but you know sometimes I'm just human you know; I can't feel happy all the time. I sometimes need to let it all out, my diary is always there to write my feelings and sort it all out, but I want to stay true to my blog and post how I feel especially yesterday. I mean all my posts we're all ugly and out of order and I fixed it finally and I know you probably want words and not pictures after all of those pictures I've posted. 

Even I hated looking at it so, here I am staying true to myself and my blog saying:

Today, it's hot and cold it feels good. I wanna go out, but where? I want to explore, but How? So, many questions and possibilities cross my mind the other day and I let me tell you it didn't make any sense just to sit around and feel sad for myself. I mean not everything is about me, I have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill like, finish learning Spanish for one, finishing my stories that I made up and never completed, and doing what I wanted which is I have no idea. 

I purposely put pictures in here that I uploaded to express myself, since you practically can't see me as I'm typing this. No, I will not ask my sister's friend to go out with me like I said I would consider in my Diary and blog. As, I said before I should keep on moving forward with no regrets and looking back. So, I had an idea of the sort and I'm putting it into action. Supporting my family and thinking moire positive and stop feeling bad for myself and stop weeping over stupid things that I should have done or I should do. Over thinking things can give you gray hair and I should be as grateful to not have any.

I have been hearing around others that I got more weird and crazy. I know I am, but to the extreme of people saying it I'm afraid they might think I a lunatic! To be honest in the pictures below will show you how weird I am. I'm normal weird. 


Let's start from the top shall we, (Clears throat) I'm goofy, cry when I'm sad or overjoyed, freak boy out when I show my true self especially when I try to flirt, I yell for no apparent reason at friends or family and sometimes when I'm mad or totally fangirl screaming, I trip easily which is all the time, I sing my ass off when it's karaoke with my friends/family, I pose dramatically in any places because I feel cool and happy when I'm outdoors, my eyes sparkle and I sometimes talk to myself like, "That's it!" when I get an idea, I love anything with funny, cute, angry or anything with Panda's in it, because I love bears. And, most of all when I'm super pissed off or when I'm going to do something evil I smile really widely that my eyes disappear. And, all of it is true. 

I'm all of those things, but I'm also like.........


Any normal teenager trying to find her/his place. I listen to music it doesn't matter what mood I'm in I just listen to it everyday, I love love-triangles or the idea of falling in-love and yes, I've been in a love-triangle before and it is tough and tiring trying to pick who you want, I take pictures of anything like nature or cool fashion picks I see, I go on the computer all the time and you guys should already know that since I post  a lot like, everyday. I love reading picture books hehe and books without pictures; just books. And, I gossip okay, I'm a girl so it's natural for me to be a gossiper and stuff. I know it's bad, but I only do it around my best friends. 

So, there you have it. I'm wide open and I'm not the least sadden or let down by it. I am who I am and if anybody talks smack about me well, they have it coming (Karma). Since, X-mas is coming soon and I haven't shopped yet :( No worries we're having a party on Saturday all of my Dad's classmates and friends will be coming to the house. And, I'm gonna be working my butt off to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Well, I need to wash dishes now. So, peace out! :))

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