Monday, December 3, 2012

My Anime List

Since, I'm such an organizer clean freak I have everything in order or listed down. It has to be perfect. It's life or death it's my way or no way at all. It's just the way I run things. Like, how I taught my brother Nathan how to write the right way; I shut him down saying "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" every time it looked like shit. He's 11 grow up. That's why over the phone my grandparents said to go easy on them.

AHH... That's not the first time I heard that. Anyway, moving on; I'm trying to reach till 100 b, but so far I only watched 83. and, it's not acceptable. But, I'm sorta curious to what the last one might be. It's in order because I couldn't remember which I saw by number. So, here it is:

  1. High school of the Dead*(I know I love the part wherein the two girls said they'll be bff's forever than the girl got eaten and the bff ran away only to be eaten by another zombie. Sooo much gore)
  2. Strawberry Panic(only 4 episodes then I quit because it started to make me question my sex. It was really weird I thought it was innocent till I read the actual description on Anime Wikipedia)
  3. Shaman King*
  4. Kodocha no Omocha*
  5. Itzura na Kiss*
  6. Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)( I cosplayed as Elizabeth and one of my best friend was Ciel)
  7. Curious Play
  8. The Rise of the Yokai Clan
  9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  10. Kamichama Karin*
  11. Shakugan no Shana
  12. Air
  13. Air Gear
  14. Alice Academy*
  15. Colour Cloud Palace
  16. Blood+
  17. Card captor Sakura*
  18. Tsubasa Chronicles
  19. Fate Saty Night*
  20. Gun Sword X
  21. Shugo Chara
  22. Inuyasha
  23. Hayate the Combat Butler*
  24. Special A*
  25. Ouran High school Host Club*
  26. Please Teacher(Only a few episodes it's too echi for me)
  27. Maid Sama*
  28. Detective Conan*
  29. Stigma of the Wind*
  30. La Cordo D' Oro 1 and 2
  31. Ranma 1/2*
  32. Shonen Omiyoji
  33. Sergant Keroro
  34. Shuffle!(So many girls;, but I loveed their hair styles))
  35. Ginban Kaleidoscope
  36. 11 eyes
  37. School Days
  38. Bleach
  39. RomeoxJuliet(brought me to tears and that's why I hate it)
  40. K-on*
  41. Cowboy Bebop*
  42. Mayoi Neka Overrun
  43. Full Metal Alchemist
  44. XxxHolic
  45. Myself; Yourself (They crazy)
  46. Princess Tutu
  47. Soul Eater*
  48. Naruto(not my favorite, but I did watch it for some time.
  49. Living For the Day After Tomorrow
  50. Hell Girl(Still creeps me out)
  51. Fairy Tail*
  52. Fruits Basket*
  53. Yu-Gi-Oh
  54. Pokemon*
  55. My Neighbor Totoro
  56. Howl's Flying Castle(Anime Movie)
  57. The Witch Girl Anne
  58. Kiranin Revolution
  59. Bakugan
  60. Ble-Blade
  61. Dinosoar
  62. Yumeiro Patisserie*(For a minute they inspired me to be a patisserie)
  63. Ghost Stories
  64. Clannad
  65. I Love My Twin Sister(Gross, but I watched it anyway and it sucks as hell. DO NOT WATCH IT!! INCEST IS WRONG! This polluted my mind and gave me a hard time to forget it just like the images from JuJu Romantica)
  66. Daa Daa Daa/ UFO Baby*
  67. Modotte Mamotte Lollipop*
  68. Code Geass
  69. Goujou Mecha Mote Linchou(I don't remember this anime, but it says I watched it.)
  70. Aniyoko
  71. 07-Ghost
  72. Nodame Catibile
  73. Winter Sonata(I thought it was romantic, it was wrong all wrong and you shouldn't watch it. It's exactly like I love my twin sister.)
  74. Kyou Koi Hajimasu
  75. Baka and Test
  76. Beelzebulb
  77. HunterxHunter
  78. Rental Magica(I was impressed by the few episodes, but then it got boring)
  79. Flame of Recca*
  80. Marmalade Boy(It's okay I guess, if you love drama. I was hooked on that thing and it made me scream and smile and yell for joy and cry all at the same time. I was emotionally unstable watching this thing; you'll never know what will happen.)
  81. Full Moon
  82. Sket Dance*
  83. City Hunter
  84. Watamote
  85. My Little Monster/ Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
  86. Brother's Conflict
  87. Ao Haru Ride
  88. Kotoura-San
  89. Wolf Girl and The Black Prince

The one's with the stars are my favorites. I hope some of you guys would try to watch some of them except for the one's that I said not to. I just have to look for more good anime's to reach 100 on my list. Like, the Koreans say FIGHTING!!

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