Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meraki - My word of the day

Hey, Y'all! It's me again! ^_^

Sorry being a little MIA lately just got a lot of things going on again. Let's start from last Friday shall we? :) I've been busting my butt off getting things done like, the night before I reviewed for my math test (my last test) till 11:48 pm; I woke up at 5:00 am to do my chores; went to school at 7:00 am to review; 8:00 am I started arranging the chairs in the classroom for the team building ( none of the officers came early T^T so I ended up getting bruises all over my body while I was moving the chairs); 9:00 am we started the Team Building and it ended around 11:30 or 12:00 pm, I think? And then I ate lunch and went back to school to review then apparently we could have open notes during our test so I freaked out for nothing XD and took my exam at 1:00 pm then finished at 2:41 pm. Went with one of my friends to get her research printed then came back to school at 3:00 pm to work on the logo and have it printed and ready to be submitted by 5:00 pm. I got all of this done can you believe that? :) That's my latest achievement so far. :)) In short, my midterms finally ended last week and my org had its first ever team building for the officers!! (YAAAYYYY hehe). 


 UCBMA Officers Team Building

UCBMA Logo and Org Shirt
(Both are my designs ^^)

On Saturday, I got to hang out with one of my high school best friends :)) It was nice catching up with someone who I really trust and can just be myself with and most importantly just poor my heart to. Either from my problems at home and at school to my love life. It was a real pick-me-upper because I just needed that extra boost of confidence that she gave me. You know who you are! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! ^.^ And, not too mention how weird!?! We both have short hair now XD but in different colors. :) She even treated me out to Albong's Cafe! She loved the frap! hehe SUCCESS!! Cause I know how much she loves her coffee. 


We continued to talk over our love life because she's pretty in love herself and this is the first time her feelings have ever been reciprocated. ^_^ I'm really happy for her. haha We almost left without paying the bill because we were talking so much and the lady was busy and forgot to give us the bill. But, the owner and the barista were pretty cool about it. :) Later that day, my dad and I kinda reached the storm on the way coming home that I got wet. :/ There was actual thunderstorm, guys. Like, I'm not kidding while I was taking my bath lightning struck near the bathroom window leaving the power to completely shut off. I quickly ran out of the shower without brushing my teeth because I was that shaken up! ^^" Of course, I brushed my teeth later that night because the power came on after a few hours and within those hours my siblings and I played this atom game on our tablet. :) hehe Also that is the reason why I got another cold. TT 

Sunday, I just went to church and drank a giant coke and ate a lot for lunch then did all my requirements for Monday theeeeennn since it was Taco Sunday! I ate like four tacos sorry no pic.

HEEEEYYYYY MOOONDDDAAAYY!!!!! Same old, same old. :/ I'm a behind in my I.T. class because I was excused for a meeting and right now actually I'm supposed to be editing my work but !! I felt like updating you guys instead. :) hehe The only highlight from Monday was that I got my allowance exchanged; I power walked a lot from point A - B - C and I still look like I just finished a cheese burger. XD Another company tried to recruit me for the networking thing but I didn't bother to listen to them well I did listen to them but my mind was not really there? ^^ I guess? hehe Sorry, people. ^^"

Oh! I was also on fire making jokes and being so talkative on that day. :D I really enjoyed the company of one of my far-distant friend. We're not exactly close but we're friends. :) We just don't have any many things in common. Theeennn I just watched a lot of Jenn Im's videos on YouTube till I went to bed because I am just so obsessed with her work. I want to go places and see all the things that she's have. :) she's truly one of my inspirations in life other than Michelle Phan. :) I just love people who see their work as their one true love. I think that's only because I'm a workaholic at heart. :) I kinda ate ice cream 

Tuesday, Hmmmmmm.....I don't really have a lot to tell you guys about today because it's just same schedule and I didn't have much classes today so yep. So stories here! BUT!! I do however, want to show you guys my favorite songs for this week and maybe month. ^.^