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My Fair Lady(1964): My Favorite Scene/ Lines

 The bold lines are my favorite. 
Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison
Eliza Doolittle & Professor Henry Higgins

You see, Mrs. Higgins,

apart from the things one can pick up...



...the difference between a lady

and a flower girl isn't how she behaves...



...but how she is treated.



I'll always be a flower girl

to Professor Higgins...



...because he always treats me

as a flower girl and always will.



I'll always be a lady to Colonel Pickering...



...because he always treats me

as a lady and always will.



Henry, don't grind your teeth.



The bishop is here.

Shall I show him into the garden?



The bishop and the professor?

Good heavens, no!



I should be excommunicated.



I'll see him in the library.



Eliza, if my son starts breaking up things...



...l give you full permission

to have him evicted.



Henry, I suggest you stick to two subjects:

the weather and your health.



You've had a bit of your own back,

as you say.



Have you had enough and will you

be reasonable or do you want any more?



You want me back to pick up

your slippers...



...and put up with your tempers

and fetch and carry for you.



I didn't say I wanted you back at all.



Then what are we talking about?



Well, about you, not about me.



If you come back you'll be treated

as you always have.



I can't change my nature or my manners.



My manners are exactly

the same as Colonel Pickering's.



That's not true. He treats a flower girl

as if she were a duchess.



I treat a duchess

as if she was a flower girl.



I see. The same to everybody.



The great secret is not a question

of good manners...



...or bad manners

or any particular sort of manner...



...but having the same manner

for all human souls.



The question is not

whether I treat you rudely...



...but whether you've ever heard me

treat anyone else better.



I don't care how you treat me.



I don't mind your swearing at me.

I shouldn't mind a black eye.



I've had one before this.

But I won't be passed over!



Get out of my way,

for I won't stop for you.



You talk about me as though

I was a motorbus.



So you are a motorbus. All bounce and go

and no consideration for anybody.



But I can get along without you.

Don't you think I can't!



I know you can. I told you, you could.



You've never wondered, I suppose,




...whether I could get along without you?



Don't you try to get around me.

You'll have to.



So I can, without you or any soul on earth.



I shall miss you, Eliza. I've learned

something from your idiotic notions.



I confess that humbly and gratefully.



Well, you have my voice

on your gramophone.



When you feel lonely without me you can

turn it on. It has no feelings to hurt.



Well, I can't turn your soul on.



You are a devil!



You can twist the heart in a girl

just as easily...


            some can twist her arms to hurt her.



What am I to come back for?



For the fun of it. That's why I took you on.



You may throw me out tomorrow

if I don't do everything you want.



Yes. And you may walk out tomorrow

if I don't do everything you want.



And live with my father?



Yes, or sell flowers.

Would you rather marry Pickering?



I wouldn't marry you if you asked me

and you're nearer my age then what he is.



-Than he is.

-I'll talk as I like, you're not my teacher.



That's not what I want

and don't you think it is.



I've always had chaps enough

wanting me that way.



Freddy Hill writes me twice

and three times a day. Sheets and sheets.



In short, you want me to be

as infatuated about you as he is, is that it?



No, I don't. That's not the sort of feeling

I want from you.



I want a little kindness.



I know I'm a common, ignorant girl,

and you're a book-learned gentleman...



...but I'm not dirt under your feet.



What I done...what I did was not

for the taxis and the dresses...



...but because we were pleasant together

and I come to...came...


            care for you.



Not to want you to make love to me...



...and not forgetting the difference

between us, but...



...more friendly like.



Well, of course. That's how I feel.



And how Pickering feels.

Eliza, you're a fool!



That's not the proper answer.



It's the only answer

till you stop being an idiot.



To be a lady, you must stop

feeling neglected...



...if men don't spend half their time

sniveling over you...



...and the other half giving you black eyes.



You find me cold, unfeeling, selfish,

don't you?



Off with you to the sort of people you like.



Marry a sentimental hog

with lots of money...



...and thick lips to kiss you,

and thick boots to kick you.



If you can't appreciate what you have,

then get what you can appreciate.



I can't talk to you.

You always turn everything against me.



I'm always in the wrong.



Don't be too sure you have me

under your feet...


            be trampled on and talked down.



I'll marry Freddy, I will,

as soon as I'm able to support him.



The poor devil who couldn't get a job

as an errand boy...



...even if he had the guts to try?



Don't you understand?

I have made you a consort for a king!



Freddy loves me.

That makes him king enough for me.



I don't want him to work.

He wasn't brought up to do it as I was.



I'll go and be a teacher.



What'll you teach, in heaven's name?



What you taught me. I'll teach phonetics.



I'll offer myself as an assistant

to that brilliant Hungarian.



What, that imposter? That humbug?

That toadying ignoramus?



Teach him my methods, my discoveries?



You take one step in that direction,

I'll wring your neck!



Wring away! What do I care?

I knew you'd strike me one day.



That's done you, 'Enry 'lggins, it 'as.



Now, I don't care for your bullyin'

an' your big talk.



'"What a fool I was



'"What a dominated fool



'"To think you were the earth and sky



'"What a fool I was



'"What an addle-pated fool



'"What a mutton-headed dolt was I



'"No, my reverberating friend



'"You are not the beginning and the end'"



You impudent hussy!



There's not an idea in your head or a word

in your mouth that I haven't put there.



'"There'll be spring every year without you



'"England still will be here without you



'"There'll be fruit on the tree

And a shore by the sea



'"There'll be crumpets and tea without you



'"Art and music will thrive without you



'"Somehow Keats will survive without you



'"And there still will be rain

On that plain down in Spain



'"Even that will remain without you



'"l can do...



'"...without you



'"You, dear friend



'"Who talk so well



'"You can go to



'"Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire



'"They can still rule the land without you



'"Windsor Castle will stand without you



'"And without much ado

We can all muddle through



'"Without you! '"



You brazen hussy!



'"Without your pulling it the tide comes in



'"Without your twirling it the earth can spin



'"Without your pushing them

the clouds roll by



'"lf they can do without you, Ducky,

So can I



'"l shall not feel alone without you



'"l can stand on my own without you



'"So go back in your shell

I can do bloody well--'"



'"By George, I really did it

I did it, I did it



'"l said I'd make a woman and indeed I did



'"l knew that I could do it

I knew it, I knew it



'"l said I'd make a woman

and succeed I did'"



Eliza, you're magnificent.



Five minutes ago you were

a millstone around my neck...



...and now you're a tower of strength.



A consort battleship.



I like you this way.



Goodbye, Professor Higgins.

You shall not be seeing me again.






What is it, Henry? What's happened?



She's gone.



Well, of course, dear.

What did you expect?



What am I to do?



Do without, I suppose.



And so I shall.



If the Higgins' oxygen burns up

her little lungs...



...let her seek some stuffiness

that suits her.



She's an owl sickened

by a few days of my sunshine.



Let her go. I can do without her.



I can do without anyone.

I have my own soul!



My own spark of divine fire!



Bravo, Eliza.



'"Damn, damn, damn, damn



'"l've grown accustomed to her face



'"She almost makes the day begin



'"l've grown accustomed to the tune

That she whistles night and noon



'"Her smiles, her frowns

Her ups, her downs



'"Are second nature to me now



'"Like breathing out and breathing in



'"l was serenely independent and content

Before we met



'"Surely I could always be that way again



'"And yet I've grown

Accustomed to her looks



'"Accustomed to her voice



'"Accustomed to her face'"



Marry Freddy.



What an infantile idea. What a heartless,

wicked, brainless thing to do.



But she'll regret it. She'll regret it.



It's doomed before they even take the vow!



'"l can see her now

Mrs. Freddy Eynsford-Hill



'"ln a wretched little flat above a store



'"l can see her now, not a penny in the till



'"And a bill collector beating at the door



'"She'll try to teach the things I taught her



'"And end up selling flowers instead



'"Begging for her bread and water



'"While her husband has

his breakfast in bed



'"ln a year or so

when she's prematurely gray



'"And the blossom in her cheek

has turned to chalk



'"She'll come home and lo

he'll have upped and run away



'"With a social-climbing heiress

from New York



'"Poor Eliza



'"How simply frightful



'"How humiliating



'"How delightful



'"How poignant it will be

On that inevitable night



'"When she hammers on my door

ln tears and rags



'"Miserable and lonely

Repentant and contrite



'"Will I take her in

Or hurl her to the wolves?



'"Give her kindness

Or the treatment she deserves?



'"Will I take her back

Or throw the baggage out?



'"Well, I'm a most forgiving man



'"The sort who never could, ever would



'"Take a position

and staunchly never budge



'"A most forgiving man



'"But I shall never take her back



'"lf she were crawling on her knees



'"Let her promise to atone

Let her shiver, let her moan



'"l'll slam the door

And let the hellcat freeze'"



Marry Freddy.



'"But I'm so used to hear her say



'"'Good morning' every day



'"Her joys, her woes



'"Her highs, her lows



'"Are second nature to me now



'"Like breathing out and breathing in



'"l'm very grateful she's a woman

And so easy to forget



'"Rather like a habit one can always break



'"And yet I've grown

Accustomed to the trace



'"Of something in the air



'"Accustomed to her face'"



Oh, we are proud. He ain't above

givin' lessons, not 'im. I 'eard 'im say so.



I ain't come here to ask

for any compliment...



...and if my money's not good enough,

I can go elsewhere.



Good enough for what?



Good enough for you.

Now you know, don't ya?



I'm come to 'ave lessons.

And to pay for 'em, too...



...make no mistake.



What do you want, my girl?



I want to be a lady in a flow'r shop,

'stead o' sellin'...


            the corner of Tottenham Court Road.



But they won't take me unless I can talk

more genteel. He said he could teach me.



Well, 'ere I am ready to pay. Not askin'

any favor, and he treats me as if I was dirt.



I know what lessons cost as well as you do

and I'm ready to pay.



I won't give more than a shillin'.

Take it or leave it.



It's almost irresistible.

She's so deliciously low.



So horribly dirty. I'll take it.



I'll make a duchess

of this draggle-tailed guttersnipe.



I washed my face and 'ands

before I come, I did.



Where the devil are my slippers?


I Walk The......

V I C T  R I S . W A Y 

Every Girl Is A.....

S P E C  A L . G  R L

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Girls Gotta L♥ve Cute Things




Emo Much ~~***~~


HT Interview in N.Y.


Seventeen Magazine:

VD Special:
The Man That is Miura Haruma

[according to Satou Takeru]

We get along well so I don’t think there’s any particular reason, just that Miura Haruma is a great actor. I don’t think there’s anything else.

Do you often exchange e-mails with him?

Men don’t really exchange e-mails, you know. Unless there’s some real reason for sending the e-mail.

“Miura Haruma is a man who possesses both a cute side to him and a chivalrous, manly side to him.”

The first time I met Haruma was around four years ago. It was around the time I’d just started working for my company. I went to a lesson and there was Haruma. He was already a kind of established actor at the time, so my first impression of him was, “Wow, that’s Miura Haruma, as seen on TV” (laughs). After that I saw him a couple more times, and then there was this time where there were four of us who just had to go to an amusement park, and I went to the pool with him, so we kind of became friends. But I think the time we really started to be friends was filming the first season of “Bloody Monday” together. What kind of man do I think Miura Haruma is? It’s hard to put it down in words exactly. He’s a guy that has a lot of different sides to him. He has a cute side to him and a manly side to him…what part of him do I think is his cute side? That’s gotta be that smile of his. When he laughs, that’s him at his cutest (laughs). The side of him that’s manly is his stubbornness. I mean that in a good way. He doesn’t easily get flustered or confused about what he’s doing, he just goes his own way and doesn’t care what people think about that. From my point-of-view, I think that’s what makes him cool.

The Man That is Satou Takeru
[according to Miura Haruma]

“He’s really stylish and great at dancing. It’s because he’s got that face (laughs). Of course he’s cool.”

When I first met him until now, the good points of Takeru have never changed. He is really true to himself.

We both watch plays, and sometimes Takeru will send me e-mails about his thoughts on the plays. It kind of makes me happy.

My first impression of Takeru was “What a show-off” (laughs). It was the impression I got from looking at him, and when I got to know him better that impression changed. At the time his hair was long. Having long hair like that would make anyone think he was just being one of those laid-back, cool guys you see in high school. So I remember thinking, “Wow, he’s good-looking.” From my point-of-view, if I could describe Satou Takeru in two words, they’d be “Cool guy.” First, he’s really stylish. So every time we go shopping together he always stands out from the crowd. I think people must go, “Wow that guy’s really stylish. Wait a second, isn’t that Satou Takeru?” So it becomes kind of a hassle going shopping with him (laughs). Moreover, Takeru’s great at singing and dancing, because he’s got that face. Furthermore, he’s got a cat-like quality to him of being sensitive. Like I don’t think he’d be able to stand seeing a girl cry (laughs). We both work at the same company, and we get along with all the guys who work in the company. Takeru lives a life full of aspiration.

I’m really obsessed with falling in love right now, so seeing Takeru not showing off about love and just being laid-back about it makes him really cool in my eyes.

I really want to find true love, and I constantly think about it, but I can’t find the passion to look for it within me. So I’m kind of jealous, seeing Haruma so openly and honestly fall in love.

The neat-freak? Miura Haruma.

The messy guy? Satou Takeru.

Seventeen: Contrary to the serious expressions you both give in front of the camera lens, you both possess what can only be described as a “true” face. While filming, the two of you spent your time asking after each other, such as “How’d that thing we talked about last time go?” You both get along so well. What do you normally do when you hang out with each other?

Takeru: We often go out to eat together. It’s because we both love looking for great restaurants. We say, “That place looks good” and give it a shot to see if it is. The last time we hung out, I went over to Haruma’s place and watched a DVD.

Haruma: I invited another friend over as well, and we watched a horror movie. Three guys (laughs).

Takeru: That was such a scary movie. I often go over to Haruma’s place, come to think of it.

Haruma: I’ve never been to Takeru’s place before, you know. I don’t think he’ll ever let me see his place.

Takeru: Well…it’s because my room is really messy.

Haruma: I could clean it for you. You’re just being stubborn and making up excuses for not allowing me to see your place.

Takeru: If I decided to actually clean my room, I think it’d take me at least an hour to clean it all. There’s a lot of stuff all over the place. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff I have that I don’t need anymore…but I just can’t throw stuff out.

Haruma: Like holding onto paper bags you’ll probably never use again?

Takeru: Yeah exactly. I can’t seem to find the will to throw them out.

Haruma: You think things like, “This paper bag is so cute! I can use it when I return that DVD to my friend”, don’t you?

Takeru: Yes. Yes, I do.

Haruma: But then you never, ever actually use that bag again. For me, if I know I’ll never actually use it again, I throw it away! I never save things up!

Takeru: And Haruma’s place is…so clean.

Our philosophies on love are completely different, aren’t they?

Seventeen: So I was kind of wondering what you two talk about with each other. Like while you’ve been filming the drama, “Bloody Monday 2” what do you guys talk about? Work and acting?

Takeru: You know what, we don’t ever talk about work. Since we’re in the middle of filming a drama, we often get asked the question “Do you guys ever go over the script together?” But you know, not once have we ever done that (laughs).

Haruma: That’s why, whenever I read an interview Takeru’s done, I think “Ahh, so that’s what he was thinking about when he did that scene.” I mean when we talk to each other, it really is just common, everyday stuff we talk about. Like asking how the other person’s doing, conversations about women and stuff.

Takeru: Do we talk about romance stories? That’s…well of course we do (laughs).

Haruma: Our philosophies on love and falling in love are completely the opposite. If you were to think of us as animals, I’d be a dog and Takeru’s a cat.

Takeru: I see that. When Haruma falls in love he really falls hard. The type of guy who falls hard-core in love.

Haruma: I’m at the complete mercy of the girl I fall for (laughs). Well, that’s a lie, but when I fall in love it’s like my brain can only think: “I like her. I like her.” I’m so simple-minded (laughs). Takeru thinks kind of like a cat does, and he treats the girl he likes kind of like a cat would. Like, he just continues doing his own thing.

Takeru: I think it’s because I’m just not prone to falling in love. I mean I say “I want to fall in love” a lot, but I think, deep-down, I’d be just fine not finding love.

Haruma: I’m the kind of guy who falls in love at first sight. So when I meet a girl for the first time sometimes I literally think “Ah! She’s the one I’ve been looking for!” It has all the feel of a drama, doesn’t it? But I mean Takeru’s a guy who just doesn’t fall in love.

Takeru: I mean I’m trying to think of how people actually fall in love.

Haruma: That statement in itself makes you so much like a cat! You’re now gonna get a lot of women declaring “I can awaken the passion for love in Takeru-kun!”~ (laughs). 

Takeru: What the hell (laughs). But I mean, if there is any gracious woman out there who is capable of awakening a passion for love within me, by all means please do so. From the bottom of my heart it would be welcome.

Which of us is popular with the ladies? Let’s put some serious thought into this.

Seventeen: So it’s clear that you guys are totally different when it comes to love. Well then, which one of you is…popular with the ladies?

Haruma: Well obviously that’s Takeru.

Takeru: Hold it right there!! Which one of us really is popular? Let’s put some serious thought into this. First off, you said I was popular, but honestly I’m not.

Haruma: Oh come on ~ (laughs). I mean just look at that face. Of course you do well with the ladies. .

Takeru: No, seriously I don’t. It’s because I’m the type to take every situation really seriously. Like, for example, even if there’s a girl in some kind of situation, I still focus more on that situation and doing my best with it than the girl being there.

Haruma: Ok, then, let’s determine which one of us is more popular with the ladies by comparing how many boxes of chocolate we’ve ever received for Valentine’s Day.*

*In Japan it’s the reverse of North America where girls either make or buy chocolate and give it to guys they like. Japanese guys get to do a whole lot of nothing on Valentine’s Day.

Takeru: I just got a lot of obligatory boxes of chocolate! If those still count…I think about ten boxes? But I mean that’s including chocolate I got back in elementary school. Back then the boys would give their friends chocolate, too, as well as the girls.

Haruma: I’ve gotten chocolate from girls I’ve liked before but…I think my best record was six or seven boxes. I guess Takeru’s more popular with the ladies after all.

Takeru: But, I mean since I was born, realistically I’ve only received about one real box of chocolates. I wonder if I’ll get one this year (eyes grow distant).

First we went on a trip to N.Y.C. Maybe next will be South Africa! It’d be fun to play with animals deep in the heart of nature.

Seventeen: Last year you guys went to N.Y.!! And now there’s a DVD of that trip for sale.

Takeru: For five days stayed in the same hotel room together. I think this was the first time we’ve spent so much time together.

Haruma: Takeru takes longer baths than me, I realized. He also just opened his suitcase and didn’t bother to kind of arrange things in the room (laughs). There were a lot of new discoveries about him that I made.

Takeru: We did a lot of sightseeing.

Haruma: It was a lot of fun.

Takeru: Where should we go next time?

Haruma: Obviously South Africa!!

Takeru: Um…why? (laughs)

Haruma: They’ve got world-class hotels, comparable to the ones in Osaka, and a lot of nature!! And this year there’ll be the World Cup there (and he continues talking passionately about the merits of South Africa).

Takeru: It certainly is appealing that they have animals there.

Haruma: Isn’t it?! I mean don’t you want to go out camping in the wild among the animals?

Takeru: Well, I mean I can’t cook at all and I have no idea how to set up camp. If we did that…I guess it’d be ok since you’re used to the outdoors.

Haruma: Uh well, it’s true that I can cook, but setting up a tent is another story altogether.

Takeru: It’ll be ok. We just need to read the instruction manual on setting up the tent. I’m sure you can do it! 

Haruma: …now I’m worried.


♥Weather Perfect ♥


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Waiting For Inspiration To Come

Tic Toc



This movie made me cry like crazy....this story sounds so familiar(my situation with my Mom). Huhuhu

Then they also had the second thing I love the most, besides my Mom is BEARS!!! Oh... they looked so cute and adorable. I just wanted to hug them like, crazy. 

This movie had everything I wanted, it was even funny. The dad was hilarious, it kinda made me jump when the bear behind her suddenly came out and tried to kill her and the part when the Mom did too. I'm telling you tears strolled down my face. It was around 11 when the movie ended and it was dark too. No lights, just the computer and speakers. Good thing Cathy didn't see me crying, otherwise she would have asked me about it. heheh 

It was so beautiful~~ eh..make's me want to watch it again. hehhe



W I T H ♥ U T . Y ♥ U

Okay, after I watched Special Girl, Dongwoo and Hoya became much more hotter, but after watching this video. They really push me off the edge of my chair. I mean how hot and charismatic can they get.. URGH!!!  these two make Woohyun look like baby love. This video is just like, hey want some loving then come our way. Though, I can't turn my back now on Woohyun and I still got secret hots for Myungsoo. I find these two on my hot tamale list for sure. Hhahahahha they're soo hot(fixes hair) hhehehe. Anyway, Mika!! I think I might be getting the hots for your oppa(Dongwoo)!! :))

So, please check this out!! Just in case, if you don't know them, they are a sub-group of Infinite and are called, Infinite H of Woolim Entertainment. Is it weird that i want that green car? eheheh

S P E C ♥ A L . G ♥ R L

I give 100 claps for this outstanding and uncontrollably cute video. You guys, all know that I love the K-pop band,  Infinite. So, even if my eye-candy Woohyun is not in here. Dongwoo and Hoya sure make the experience worth lasting. I mean just looking at the costumes and hair! my gosh the hair! Dongwoo have you gone soft? and the fact that he wasn't rapping as much; showed me an entirely different world. Too much lipstick though, but man!!! They really nailed the whole special girl thing down and all I could say and express my feelings in one word is "Download". heeheh 

I'm so proud of them. Come back to the Philippines soon again!!! But, by that time I'll be gone here. hehehe Infinite Love!!!

♥ >Infectious< ♥

Okay so, she wasn't the best when she lip-synced in her music video. It was a total epic fail, but hearing this song over and over again, because of my sister's K-pop addiction. I have grown to be fond of her and her music. Nothing less, from the famous and widely popular YG company, her authentic and feel good beat even made me do the "Oh, snap!" fingers and head rotation. 


Especially, during her live performance. Lee Hi, stick to the mic and not the record. It seems to suit you better. Little CL's swag with Park Bom's vocal chaps. I swear if they had a kid, Lee Hi would be it. The song "1, 2, 3, 4" truly is a hit. Not bad for an amateur.


 If you guys are watching K-Pop Star Hunt Season 2 as well, they got some major talent. Ling Ling and Tanya seem to have it in the bag. Maybe, maybe not, but the critics favorite Thwarwan, was sent home! major surprise...aww...poor Rendy. Her humor was infectious I may say. And, I can't forget Philippines, Fighting!!! and please do better!! :)) 

I'm not addicted yet(fangirl), but I am a fan. 

♥My Feel Good Songs Of The Month♥

1.Freedom Song - Jason Mraz

I picture something, it's beautiful
It's full of life, and it is all blue
I've seen the sunset on the beach, yeah
It makes me feel calm
When I'm calm, I feel good

And when I feel good, I sing
And the joy it brings makes me feel good
And when I feel good, I sing
And the joy it brings

Come on along
I know you really wanna feel our song
We've got some life to bring
We've got some joy in this thing

I see birds fly across the sky
And everyone's heart flies together
Food is frying and people smiling
Like there is no other way to feel good

And when I feel good, I sing
And the joy it brings makes me feel good
Cos when I feel good, I sing
Of the joy it brings

Come on along
I know you really wanna feel our song
We've got some life to bring
We've got some joy in this thing

It brings me freedom
Got to get you some of that freedom
It's a freedom

Singing freedom
You deserve your freedom
It's a smile you can feel in your heart beat

Get you (7x) that freedom

2. Living In The Moment- Jason Mraz

If this life is one act
Why do we lay all these traps?
We put them right in our path
When we just wanna be free

I will not waste my days
Making up all kinds of ways
To worry about all the things
That will not happen to me

So I just let go of what I know I don't know
And I know I'll only do this by
Living in the moment
Living our life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Peace in my soul
Wherever I'm going, I'm already home
Living in the moment

I'm letting myself off the hook for things I've done
I let my past go past
And now I'm having more fun
I'm letting go of the thoughts
That do not make me strong
And I believe this way can be the same for everyone

And if I fall asleep
I know you'll be the one who'll always remind me
To live in the moment
To live my life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Got peace in my soul
Wherever I'm going, I'm already home

I can't walk through life facing backwards
I have tried
I tried more than once to just make sure
And I was denied the future I'd been searching for
But I spun around and hurt no more
By living in the moment
Living my life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Got peace in my soul
Wherever I'm going, I'm already home

I'm living in the moment
I'm living my life
Just taking it easy
With peace in my mind
Got peace in my heart
Got peace in my soul
Oh, wherever I'm going, I'm already home

I'm living in the moment
I'm living my life
Oh, easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
Peace in my heart
Peace in my soul
Wherever I'm going, I'm already home
I'm living in the moment

3. 93 Million Miles- Jason Mraz

93 million miles from the Sun, people get ready get ready,
'cause here it comes it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon into our eyes
Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my beautiful mother
She told me, "Son in life you’re gonna go far, and if you do it right you’ll love where you are
Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come home"


240 thousand miles from the Moon, we’ve come a long way to belong here,
To share this view of the night, a glorious night, over the horizon is another bright sky
Oh, my my how beautiful, oh my irrefutable father,
He told me, "Son sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part.
Just know, you’re never alone, you can always come back home"


You can always come back…back…

Every road is a slippery slope
There is always a hand that you can hold on to.
Looking deeper through the telescope
You can see that your home’s inside of you.

Just know, that wherever you go, no you’re never alone, you will always get back home



93 million miles from the Sun, people get ready get ready,
'cause here it comes it’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon into our eyes…