Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sizzling Hot! EXO-M

Hey, guys! guess whose coming to the Philippines for the Sm TOWN concert. U-Kiss, Girl's Generation, Infinite♥, and EXO. Well, that's all that I know of; the rest I have no idea who they are. 

Moving that aside, I know I'm a total Inspirit shipper/fangirl, but ever since one of my friends; you all know very well Mika showed me this picture of a guy from the band EXO-M. Which is the Chinese side of the band. Okay, so at first I was like all whatever.

But, then something happened I saw a video of one of the members Lay(pronounced as lay). I feel deeply and utterly fangirl in-love with him. Over our little sleepover(I'll post of that soon), I got to see more of them thanks to Mika. 

She showed me this weird yet funny reality show and they were playing in it. He was okay, can you believe he's 21 and the dude who Mika likes is 22, but looks like, a freaken 16 year old. It must be the tea, I heard that in China you will live longer and have age defying affects in your body if you drink lots of tea. I firmly believe that though, I'm not sure if that's 100% true. 

Lu Han (Mika's New Crush) 


I was pretty confused about EXO because there's two groups, the Chinese one(EXO-M) and the Korean one(EXO-K). Every time I saw their video on T.V. I ignored it because it was too how should I say this all over the place and I didn't understand it. Vocal wise and Dance wise, I gotta say they are practically the same because they train together. It's just that the Chinese sub group is more good looking than the other. 

If your not that familiar with them like me, here's a song they sang; if you recognize it. Yes, that's was them. 

This is the song MAMA, along with History, Rolling Liken A Buffalo, and WHAT IS LOVE. And, remember they're the Chinese sub group so, their songs are in Chinese. It's so, funny because in rolling like a buffalo, they said the word "Camel toe" and i hope they don't mean by what I think it is. 

For MAMA, it had a beautiful meaning behind it and it was a very strong performance. Guess what part of the dance is my favorite. Nah, don't it's the part where they move their hips and encircle their "part", if ya know what I mean. ;) I don't know why it just turns me on. 

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