Monday, January 28, 2013


This movie made me cry like crazy....this story sounds so familiar(my situation with my Mom). Huhuhu

Then they also had the second thing I love the most, besides my Mom is BEARS!!! Oh... they looked so cute and adorable. I just wanted to hug them like, crazy. 

This movie had everything I wanted, it was even funny. The dad was hilarious, it kinda made me jump when the bear behind her suddenly came out and tried to kill her and the part when the Mom did too. I'm telling you tears strolled down my face. It was around 11 when the movie ended and it was dark too. No lights, just the computer and speakers. Good thing Cathy didn't see me crying, otherwise she would have asked me about it. heheh 

It was so beautiful~~ eh..make's me want to watch it again. hehhe

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