Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yesterday's Trip

Where are we going?

Yesterday, we went to church and I felt relieved as I repent for cursing half of the time. :D Afterwards we ate out and as expected some LSPU sutdents were staring at us, because they thought we were foreigners bec we spoke in English. As, Dad was ordering food; Me and Cat started voice acting like, total Japanese Anime style and was asking each other if there were any chopsticks, bec i felt like, eating with it, then one of the students said "AAHHH!!! Japansees pala sila! Tinatanong yong isa pag may chopsticks daw" then Cathy was surprised, I had mad voice-acting skills so, she started to speak in Korean "Annyunghaseyo~~~". Then that caused a commotion and the students were saying "So the one in the black is Japanese and then one in the red is Korean, pero bakit related sila? Di ko gets?" heheheheh well, I was ease dropping so, sorry if the translation aint right, but yes, we have fooled them all once again! :))

Part 2: After we ate out, Dad had to run an errand so, we all stayed in the tricycle. I was so happy so, I was taking pics of myself like, crazy and with my brothers and Cathy of course, then I saw my former English teacher walk by with her husband and without thinking I screamed "MA'AM! i love you" hahahahhahaha and well, I was gonna say " I miss you", but that came out. I don't regret it because she was really one of the best english teachers I ever had(she didn't have an accent) that's why. >.< I put it in a way take it as an early Valentine's greeting. hehe

I have a new made-up idiom, "Like, a Tarsier on the wrong tree"- That's how i described Cathy's face last night after studying for eight grueling hours. It was pretty freaky too. Tariser's or little Monkeys that live over here in the Philippines in Bohol :) Tehy have big eyes and are always seen holding onto trees.

Then the boys were going crazy dancing and stuff so, I told them to knock it off, because they were acting like, "Shakira in Cuba". and, we all know what that looks like. Butts swaying everywhere and jumping too. I recently made that up, because "Justin Bieber on a Wednesday " got old. Btw it means your pants down low/ acting like a brat.

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