Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Stuff

Hey, guys I got some new cool stuff that I would like, to show you guys. I have splendid news, the box came! when I saw that thing I was like "Let's do this thing." as I took out the stuff. :)) I'm so happy that I finally, got converse shoes(which I've been waiting to buy for years), new Estee Lauder make-up(they were so beautiful), and clothes and many more. I can't show pictures right now, because I'm too lazy to so I'll get back to guys soon.  hehehehehe I'm soo happy!!!!

I had a feeling it would come today, because this morning I was pissed off and threw a hissy fit because it was taking too long to come here and it worked hehehe I guess those people heard my whining ;) 

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