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Jan. 5, 2013

This dream is a little crazy weird and I didn't like it at all,l it was more like a bad nightmare. I mean I had a fight with my parents and this is after you know what the "drinking" thingy. So, here it is:

It took place at my old high school and it was much more bigger, elite and bad ass looking; like, the halls were covered in smoke, rain, and sweat(?). And, all the students were sweating like, crazy because they don't have air conditioning. It's like, one of those schools that look good outside and the teachers are super nice, but actually it's looks like, shit inside and the teachers are crazy and just bad people.

I was walking in the halls and it felt like, walking inside the chokey(from the movie, Matilda). There were doors on each side and sometimes, there was like, hole in the middle or in between rooms that would lead to nowhere and then there were benches placed there and that's where some of the students would stay sometimes to cool off. 

Not so far from the entrance/exit, and to the left then walking straight is my dorm, It says "Girl's Dorm" on top, but there's only three of us in there which, is Me, Nicole, and Linsel(She used to be my classmate, I'm not so close to her). Yeah, so we all bunk together, the room is very tiny inside so, it's like me on the right side then Nciole in the middle in a horizontal way, and then Linsel on the left side which, we can barely open the door wide. Also, in front of my bed is a mirror and a desk. 

I went inside they were both eating and jumping from bed to bed so, I joined in. Afterwards the principal came in the room and told me that my "real parents" was here. Apparently I had shitty adopted parents who put me in this school because  they didn't like me. So, when I saw my real parents, I was so happy and din't even care if they abandon me or I was kidnapped or something. I was just happy because that meant I could leave this school.

It turned out that my Mother is a Hollywood movie director and actress and then my Father was this skrony skinny businessman. I don't remember much, but shortly after I met them we all left the school to spend a day together or something; we drove all the way to Mall Of Asia and that's where my dream continued we were at a grocery store and my Mother was teaching me this easy put together meal that she always makes for herself because she doesn't know how to cook.

She wasn't very motherly and she acted like she was this "cool aunt" baby-sitting me for the day. Then she was complaining like, "Oh, where's this cheese and this brand of bread." And, everyone was looking at us; it was embarrassing, but she was getting the most expensive stuff I have ever seen in my life. Then My Father had to carry all the groceries because my Mother's hand was "hurting from picking out stuff". I volunteered to help, but she told me that he didn't want to use me as a slave and I was like, "I'm just trying to help and I'm your kid so, I have to not because I'm a slave." 

It was really weird, my Mother was wearing leather as her jacket and pants and it was so hot outside then she had long pretty black hair. They were both weird I mean very weird, because after we shopped they said we were going home and I was like, "we went all the way over here just to go grocery shopping and were not even gonna look around or shop or make some memories". And, they were like yeah, because the food that we want can only be found here and I was like, okay then; you just wasted half of my life.

My Father said he needed to take me back to the school otherwise the principal with get mad and that they'll cook for me when I get home which, I have no idea is. Then as we came back to the province it was already night time and apparently I fell asleep listening to music. It was raining and so, there was traffic and we had to park near LBC and the school is far from it. It's a good thing I brought my jacket and hat because there was a storm and we had to cover up otherwise we'll get sick. My Mother didn't want to come walk me back to school so, it was only me and my Father.

He carried my bag as we ran across the road though, he was holding an umbrella over his head and mine. I could tell he was still getting wet; when I tried to bring it up to him and tell him, I wanted him to go back. He just smiled and said he had a bag just like, mine. It was nice of him to stay with me, but my bag was a backpack with Erore from Winne The Pooh on it. As, we got back we walked through the smoke and sweat and the hot mist coming from the leaking pipes around the school even, my Father was freaking out. 

I walked through the halls and saw Macky(My sister's classmate/friend/former crush) sitting there and he looked sad and disappointed, then everyone started running and I asked this girl who was running what happened, she told me that they have found the "Province Killer" or the "School Killer" and she said it was Wallace(My sister's classmate/friend/former crush). I was shocked myself because Wallace would ever hurt a fly, I mean for crying out loud he saves TURTLES!

As, I got into my room I said goodbye to the father I never knew and when I went inside I saw Nicole's foot half painted and that reminded me; I've forgotten about my Gymnastics performance; it was a good thing I wore my costume underneath just in case. So, I took off my jacket and stuff and then I had to be painted and put make-up on, but before I did I ran outside through the halls after my Father because I wanted to thank him for everything. 

I found him halfway in the hallway and called after him and hugged him tightly and said "Thank You, Dad." and gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran back to my room for my friends to fix me up. When I left him I could tell when I called him "DAD", he was overjoyed to her that from the daughter he never knew. One thing, that annoyed the hell out of me was while, I was having a Father-Daughter moment that stupid Macky was checking me out, because I was wearing my costume which, showed off my ass. 

So, after everything we all looked perfect and ready to perform, Nicole was in Blue and Green ,and Linsel was in Pink and Purple. We did a fantastic job that we got the highest grade and I was awarded for doing the most outstanding movements with the hola-hoop. 


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