Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Funny Sandwich Skit

Just how manipulative is, Josh Hutcherson?
Actors: J.H.-Josh Hutcherson, L.H.- Liam Hemsworth, and J.L.- Jennifer Lawerence

J.H.: Hey...psst..Hey!
L.H.: Huh..Oh, Josh! Hey, man what's up?(looks up from his script)
J.H.: That sandwich, eat it.
L.H.: (Looks at the sandwich on the table) What?
J.H.: Eat the sandwich.
L.H.: But, it's J.L.'s.
J.H.: There's a lot anyway.
L.H.: But..(holds the sandwich in his hands)
J.H.: Just eat the sandwich man!

(L.H. bites the sandwich and starts to chew fast, J.L. comes)

J.L.: Is that my sandwich?
(L.H. looks at J.H. then back at J.L.)
J.L.: That is my sandwich!
J.H.: L.H. got hungry.
J.L.: so, am I, I just finished a scene and came here to eat my sandwich, what the hell man! 
J.H.: Jen, there's a lot. 
J.L.: Oh yeah, you're right. I'll go get one(walks away)

(J.H. sneaks away and L.H. is stunned and chews slowly then looks at the sandwich)

*Their reactions after the little incident:

Kardashians: So, what happened? and what did you do:

 *But, why did you eat it?

When Jen found out about the truth:

How did you do it, Josh?

* Can you believe I just thought about this while I was talking with my sister about the Hunger Games. I even acted it out. HAhahah 

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