Saturday, January 5, 2013

Delicious Delight

Strawberry Ice Cream 

Last night, we had Strawberry ice cream  my favorite after dinner and it was as silky smooth and sweet till the very last scoop. It made me feel better about the whole situation that I have going on and it's been so long~~~~~~~ It's me and my Lolo's favorite flavor of ice cream. 

Home-Made Hamburgers with Fries and Coke

Finally, some good food. We've all been craving for tacos, but the stupid grocery stores don't have it and well, we had to settle for some burgers. It was so delicious and yummy I could only finish on because it was that fulfilling. But, I marked my second patty with the letter "A" so, that they won't eat or touch it. Man, just talking about this is making me hungry, now.

Some good food or should I say there was a party in my mouth. ;)

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