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In Three Years Part 3 - It Goes Up And Down

Awkward silence~ ~ ~We both reached out to grab each others hand at the same time~!~!......

Then suddenly!
In the heat of the moment just when we were about to kiss, he slips and we both fall into the snow.
He lands on the icy cold ground and I land on top of him, then slip to the slide like, some kind of melted butter slipping on the side of pancakes; hot pancakes too. As, I realized we have fallen, I wondered if he slipped because of the snow or because he didn't want to kiss me. It was a possibility ya know. Hmm...(evaluating the scene as I lay on the ground). He gets up then laughs as he lends me a hand.

"Anata wa daijubodesu(Are you okay?)" He smiles and laughs. "That was a nasty fall, Yosh! Gomen!" 
"Hnm...atashi wa daijobu(I'm Okay)." I shook my head and took his hand as he lifted me up then helped me take the snow off my clothes. I was shivering, but I couldn't let it go. I turned to him.
"Ano(umm..)...kisu?" I said plainly. As, I held my right index finger to my lips and pointed. 
He looked up from my clothes to me and smiled. "Ah~~ you were expecting a kiss?" He looked in interest.
"I....I just...never mind." I put my head down in shame of what I thought. As, expected I wrong again. As, I took my head up......he held his hands on the side of my face and kissed me! I was in shock, surprise, joy, enraged, and....and...I don't know. 

He twisted his lips into mine and I could feel mine slightly open till, then it was a total make out session. Oh! the voice in my head said "PDA". I shut it up and closed my eyes. The kiss was over and we both opened our eyes. He was red and I had the red all over to my cheeks to my stomach and the butterflies made it worst. I was just glad I didn't hurl. 

At the time my head was still downwards as I watched it recap in my head, He looked up from the floor and then to me and took my hand and said "Kisu ga anata o matte ita toyuu kotodesu? (Is that the kiss you were waiting for?)?" He smiled down to me and I picked up my head and just nod, for words couldn't express how I felt. In words, I meant by "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!" and I wasn't about to say that in front of him.

The day ended with both of us staying in a hotel, for taking the train back to Tokyo was gonna take a long time so, we both decided to book a hotel, just in case.

*At the Hotel

"Konnichiwa konbawa, Kangei.(Hello Good evening, Welcome.)"
"B. Ashley"
"M. H."
"Hai~ ~ B.-chan..M.san would you both like, one room and a complemen~ !~"
"No!..(Laughs nervously) unmm...separate rooms would be nice." I shoved the phone to her face. 
"But, I thought you two are~~."
"Tsuma desu. (This is my wife.)" He looked at the counter lady.
"Howeeeeee ~ ~ ~dokusen desu(I'm single!)!!!" I hit my chest.
"Eeeeh...Gomen, but are you two gonna stay in separate rooms or in one."
"I told you dokuritsu shita(Separate), don't listen to aitsu(That person/That guy over there)." I whispered into her hear.
She starts to cry. "Rikon!(Divorce!) O ni-nin wa rikon shitsuru aru?!?( You two are getting divorced?!?)"
"Oi! Tsuma(Wife) look what you did, now."
"Hai hai were getting a divorce, now the rooms if you please?" I answered annoyingly.
"Zurui~(Sneaky or Playing dirty). Don't you care about my feelings."
"Yaro( impolite way to confront/insult a person) Wagamama!(Selfish person). We were never even together."
"Hontooni~?" Wipes tears "Here's the key to your room, B.-chan. Ano~~~ M.-san, o denwa bangoo o oshie  te kure mase n ka? (Can I have your phone number?) Moves a strand of her hair away from her ear. 
"Hmm...I thought you were kawaii(Cute), but it turns out you're just a YARIMAN!(Slut/Bimbo)" I said as I walked away. Otto!!!(Husband) let's go now!"
"Arigatou~~~, but I have to go watashi no tsuma(my wife) is waiting." He got his bag and ran to the elevator, before it closed.
"So~~ they really are together." Cries again. 
"You try to hard." Says a co-worker. The girl looks at her in a mean way and the co-worker just raises both her hands and shakes her head.

*Inside the elevator

"Gomen ne~ oh! kimochi warui(Bad feeling/Bad vibes). Ahh~~ ne Ash~."
"Urusai!(shut up!)"

"Baka.(stupid/idiot)" I said angrily.
"Are?!(What just happened/misundertsnading expression)" He looks confused as he held his bags in his hand.

*In my hotel room

I wasn't mad, but more like jealous. As, I sat in the bath tub, I felt like I was being selfish and cruel. I mean he didn't know the girl was crazy and all. Once, again I found myself just sitting playing with the bubbles and replaying every little thing that had happened. It's a like, a never ending roller coaster ride. It goes up and down, at time I want it to stop, but then at the same time I want it to keep going. I sank my head into the warm water then after a few seconds I couldn't see anything.

I was too weak to get out of the tub. I tried my best then I fell to the ground, hitting my head on all four sides. I couldn't get up, I couldn't get up!~ Laying there with my towel wrapped around me, I tried to reach the handle of the tub, "Dame(No good)" thought to myself. Maybe, karma is catching up to me. Funny, cause I always thought I was lucky in a way. Second's later I heard a knock. I still laid on the floor.

"Ashuri-chan?" *knock* knock*

I tried to say something, but nothing came out of my mouth. The words that I have formed have all disappeared into moaning, after the last knock. He opened the door and was surprised to see it open. He looked all over the place and I just fainted away. The last I saw was him, seeing me on the floor and helping me up. It was so embarrassing. He saw.....He saw~!!! my everything~!!!

*The Next Morning~~

*At the buffet

"I was right, to look here first. How's your head? Are you okay now?" He said pleasingly. I rolled my eyes. "~you know for a girl, you shouldn't be eating that much." He takes my plate and starts to eat my food.
"Yoi ichi nichi o!( Have a nice day!)" I smiled then took a piece of bread and start for the exit door. 
"Chotto Matte?! (Can you wait a second?!/ Wait a second?!)" He grabs my arm.
"Nani!!~~~ (What!!)" 
"Doo shi ta no desu ka?(What's wrong with you?) Don't tell me you're still mad." He held both sides of my shoulders. As, I looked away to the side.
"Betsuni.( Not really.)" I shrugged. "Well, what you expect, you saw..............." I looked at him in the eyes.
"Eeee...(Rising tone to show disbelief). "You~~"
"CHIKAN!!!!(Pervert!)" I yelled out, so, that he could let me go.
"Eh....Nani!(What!)Doko(Where!)!" He eyes grew big as, he slowly turned to see everyone looking at him saying "Iya(exclamation of disgust)" and nodding they're heads. That was my chance, I ran out the door. I ran to the nearest street and yelled out "TAKUSHII~~!!!(Taxi~!)" It was no good, as, I tried to get in,  he caught me and carried me back to the hotel.  

"You will apologize for making false allegations and for disturbing the peace." He said. 

I didn't want to look at him so I sat with my hands and legs crossed as, if I was never gonna say a word. A gush of wind flew by, I saw his face. He looked like he had lost something, I mean could you blame the guy. I ruined his reputation here. So, I got up and agreed to say sorry and tell the truth, which some of the old people did not believe. They thought he was making me say all these things and it was partly the truth.

Then the girl from the counter came of course, "Monda ga iru? (Is there a problem?)" acting as if, she was the most perfect little counter lady or kyapi Kyapi Gyaru(Happy happy girl). I took to the side as she went forward towards me. She glimpsed then said "Hmph" then smiled as she turned her back. "Dare mo kono futatsu wa otto to tsumadesu!(Everyone, these two are husband and wife!)" She held her hands in a gentle matter as she said it.

Everyone laughed in relief and continued to play kassai(chess). I heard one old lady say, "They must have taken the role-playing too literal. Kids these days, my honeymoon was more inventive." She winked to the old man checking her out. "Bleh~~" I shook in disgust. I looked back and saw M.-sama happy that the whole fiasco was resolved, he took a pretty long time to thank the counter lady so,  I tried to eavesdrop a little.

"Arigatou~~des." He bowed then tried to walk away when she held on to his arm and said " wa sode wa arimasen, M. H.?" She smiled.
"Ah... Hai..watashi wa ima iku yo.(I'm going now.)" He stopped in his tracks(looking as if somebody found out his identity) then nodded. This time he walked away for good, but with a more serious look on his face. I could hear him coming closer; I moved away then tried to act normal.

"Ah.. okonawa?(Done?)" I asked leaning against the wall.

He nodded with his lips pierced like, he didn't want to say something to me. I could tell he was keeping a secret from me. We got our stuff and took the train back to Tokyo, which pushed me to the edge of my seat as, I saw the last of my spending money go bye bye. We have arrived! and the city as always was busy and thriving. Instead of going home, the day was still young so, we decided to go to the place M.-sama's agent called him to go. 

*Day 1- Calendar Signing and Advertising

The building was pretty small, it looked like, a mini apartment. As, I examined my surroundings, M.-sama on the other hand, had to go to wardrobe. I laughed at the thought of them putting make-up on him. Of course, it took some convincing from M.-sama to have me stay here. His agent/manager wasn't too please to see that I was tagging along. Just a minute ago when M.-sama was putting on a shirt there was a crack in the door so, I got to a little tiny bit look of his abs, which made it hot in here. 

Okay, so, I was checking him out. When I tried to get another glimpse, M.-sama's agent/manager closed the door shut and walked towards me. She smiled in a weird way and drew closer to me and said "Anata wa kare no kyaria ni Pandora no haku aru." She said in a soft tone in my ear. I couldn't quite make out what she said and asked if she could translate it. And, she repeated herself "You~ are.. the Pand`ora box to his ca~reer." She said with an accent.

I still couldn't understand, but one thing is for sure, she talked as if she was a character from Bloody Monday saying "We will be God's" or "He will pass judgment upon this world." I later looked up in my dictionary what she said and it was quite chilling actually, but couldn't shake off the thought of what she meant by that. I mean wouldn't you think it was freaky~ ~"I am the Pandora's box to M.-sama's career?" I thought to myself. 

It was time to flim, I sat in a tiny corner near the the air-conditioning unit and watched as they started to filming. He wore a black cute hat, his hair waved to the side, no make-up, a red sleeved shirt, and jeans, along with some black sneakers. He looked cute. His lines, were very short, but was not planned. He wanted to do it on his own. 

Take 5

"Konnichiwa sore wa, watashi wa watashi no aratashii karenda to M. H.. Anata ga  miru koto ga dekiru yo ni naibu no shashin ga takusan ari masu. A..kore wa watashi no okiniiridesu. So, e tsu..sore wa tenpo de no ima sugu konyo. Saisho no 100-mai o konyu suru hito wa, shomei 1 o shutoku shimasu. Subete no watashi no fan ni kansha to watashi wa anata no subete o aishite."

"Hello everyone, I'm M. H.. I am here to present to you my new calendar, as you can see there are a lot of pictures inside. Oh! this is my favorite. So, now it's in stores and the people who buy the first 100 copies gets a autographed one. Thank you to all my fans and I love you all."

The video shoot was finally over then came the boxes of calendars all aligned in a box. I sat on the edge of the table as I saw M.-sama carefully examine the pictures and the positions of the pages. He was very detailed and very active in his work, I wrote in my diary. At one point he stopped looking serious, which I've only seen a view times and made everyone laugh when he said he really looked good in one of the pictures. 

Then came the signing, it was a long day and I was getting sleepy so, I stepped out a bit to take pictures and later I dozed off on the stairs. A little later when it was five o' clock already. A girl woke me up and told me to go inside the room for M.-sama was looking for me. I saw that he had finished signing all of the calendars already. I looked around to see where he is, because my eyes were still a bit tired.

"Anata wa doko ni itta nodesu ka?(Where did you go?)" He asked in a concerned tone.
"Huh..Ah..atashi wa hirune o shita.(I took a nap.)" I yawned. "Sugoi!! Hijo ni oku no.(So, many.)" I looked at all the tables stacked with calendars. 
"Hai!" He gave me a brown envelope.
"Kore wa nani desu ka?(What is this?)" I looked at him, opening the envelope. Inside is no other than....a calendar.
"TADAAA!!!" He chanted. "You get the first copy."
"Of your face?!?" I looked at it, nervously. Trying to hide the fact that I have one of his photobooks in my room, back at home.
"Anata wa sore ga suki janai nodesu ka?(You don't like it?)"
"More like, I'm speechless. Thank you...eto... I'm parched is there a place where I can buy a drink?"
"Uh..why don't we go together, it's late and I'm done for the day anyway."

After we left...

M.-sama's agent "Yuri, where's H.?" She looks around the empty room.
"______-san, he left a minute ago with the girl, He told me to call. Umm..Ano.._____-san, who is she? she's very pretty and I've never seen M-kun look this happy before."
"Stay out of his business, Yuri."
"But! ______-san. Don't you think you should too."
"Yuri, watch your tongue."
"Yuri-chan were at work so, tend to call me by the same name everyone else does. In here, I am not your mother, but your adviser. So, watch your tongue!" 

"Hai, Gomean nasai ______-san." She looks down, crying.

*Downtown (City Center)

"Soko made dono gurai kakari masu ka? (How long does it take to get there?" I said irritably.
"Koko kara chikai desu. (It's near here.)"

We walked into what seems to be like, China Town in New York. It was beautifully and heavily decorated with paper lanterns, and colored fish and skilled swordsman cutting up tender slices of tuna. I was really in the center of Tokyo. It not only looked amazing, but smelled amazing too. I couldn't wait to dig in. We sat across from the kitchen so, I could see all the chefs cooking up a storm. One even dropped salt into the other dishes, but didn't mind and pretended like he didn't do it.

It was fun, I suddenly realized as the guy was tossing tiny bits of fish in my face, that we have been together everywhere we go! Ya, we could say we spent the day together or went out on a date, but we were like,  acting full on girlfriend and boyfriend. We haven't even noticed it, I moved a little bit as maybe, like two inches away from his hand. He caught me in the act and said "So, you've noticed."  "Who does this guy think he is, Picasso?" I thought to myself.

"Chikusho!(Damn it!), koitsu!(this guy) he noticed." I grabbed tissue and wiped off the soy sauce off my face. I cleared my throat "I know not of what you speak." I suddenly turned into Down Town Abbey, big time. He laughed and continued to finish his drink. I couldn't help, but wonder. Why, he looked so, serious and not even once showed his true-self during the calendar signing unless this is his fake side. 

"Watashi wa sukoshi hayaiga surikete ita.(I was a little worn out earlier.)" He said as he looked at me. I was speechless, it was like he read my mind. "You're yosoku kanona(Predictable)." He looked into my eyes. "Anata wa nanidesu ka?(What are you?)" I said in a teasing matter. He took his chopsticks and pointed to his head. "Maindorida~(Mind Reader~)" He teased. After that I didn't even care whether we were together for the whole two days or not. I mean it's not like, were dating or out fighting crime, illegally!~!!~~!!

We talked for hours, he even offered to walked me back to my hotel. Some of the topics were hilariously ridiculous. I got to know him better, more like we both got to know each other. It was satisfying yet nerve-wreaking and that's what made it fun. We even stopped to take some pictures together using his phone and my camera. 

"You're likes?"
"Gita(Guitar), Safin(Surfing), Sakka(Soccer), and Sunobodo(Snowboarding)."
"What's your Nickkunemu (Nickname)?" 
"Ahahaha...Ash, Vicky, Victoria, Ily, or Bagal-doggy(slow dog), Negative Noodle, Rocket."
"Wahh!!! so, many...mine is only H.-cchi."
"Okay, okay..Favorite Iru(Color)?"
"Midori(Green), Ao(Blue), and Shiro(White)."
"So, practically, nature." We both laughed
"Mine, Aka(Red), Midori(Green), Pinku(Pink), Gorudo(Gold), Papuru(Purple), Burakku(Black)."
."Favorite furutsu(fruit)?"
"Ummm....Ichigo(Strawberry) and mango!! very delish.~~~"
"Favorite Shizon(Season)?"
"Wooh!! hontooni?!?! I'm Nattsu(Summer). I hate the cold ~~~ but love snow. I know right, I sound like, I'm spouting out anime characters."
"Nudoru(Noodle) Type?"
"Mitsumoru(Ramen)!" We said that the same time.
"Favorite place in the world?"
"Dizunirando(Disney Land)."
"Such a softie...."
"Such a kid.~~~"

Awkward silence~ ~ ~We both reached out to grab each others hand at the same time~!~!......We both smiled and looked opposite directions, but then I continued to interrogate him to break the ice. 

"Posture while sleeping?" I pointed.
"Yokomiki ni (Sideways)."
"Me too, but later I switch to my back so, I practically sleep like a suta(star) or hitode(starfish)."
'Hahahaha.. Hontoni?"
"Hai.. Ask my sister."
"How many siblings do you have?"
"Yon(Four) including me the oldest~~~"
"Wow that's a lot...I'm an~~~"
"Then hachi(eight) also including my two suteppu shimai(step-sisters)."
"Sugoi!!Such a big family!!! Do you want to have a big family too?"
"That's for me and my ranso(ovaries) to know." Why did I say that.
"WAhhhh!! I see." He laughs.
"What's you're time slot?"
"Yoru(Night)" We say in chorus.
"Favorite facial feature?"
"Nagai matsuge(Long eye-lashes)."
"Rakki!!(Lucky!!) Me, my kuchibiru(lips)."
"I could tell.."
"Favorite supotsu(sport)?"
"Aahhh... Hmm..Basukettoboru(Basketball) and Football. I don't play, but I really enjoy watching it."

We have finally arrived at the hotel, I noticed it had gotten late like, really late. He examined the place then let go of my hand to put the name of the hotel in his phone. We both stood there quietly and awkwardly not knowing what to do.

"Well, here we are..." I said, holding my bag tightly.
"Yeah,.....Oyasumibasai(Good Night).." He leans in and kisses me on the cheek with both his hands tucked in his pockets.

I walked into the hotel, looking back at him waving. I laughed for he was making sure I went in. And, as I walked into the elevator going up I thought to myself,that today was perfect~~ It had a little miss-steps, but it was amazing all in all, I smiled. 

M.sama's side: 

"AHHH!! Kanojo wa totemo subarashikatta~~!!(She was so amazing~~~!!)" He shouted out while walking. His phone starts ring and he checks  to see whose calling..."Ah..Yuri-chan. Do shita no(What's wrong?)?"
He hears crying over the phone, his face becomes numb. "M.-kun~~Ta------"

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