Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Dream By The Stars

Okay, this I've been waiting to post, but I've been too busy or lazy lately.I had it marked on my diary with a sticky note saying to post it soon.. So, here's is

December 28th, 2012

Last night, me and my Mom had a little chat about me going to school over here while, I wait for my paperwork to be done; and that's where it inspired my dream. It all started out when I was sewing by hand some new clothes, because I was making some new eccentric styles and designs to bring to the table. Then I decided I wanted to learn how to sew on an actual sewing machine so, I thought why not get a part time job at a clothing store or take classes. 

Then when I tried to confront my family about what I wanted to do; Cathy said "Shouldn't you be in college." And I asked if any of them work at a place that is related to clothes. My Mom, Sister, and Brother (Jarod) all raised their hands, but shortly after my dream faded into Cathy's face and all of my family members were judging me with their eyes. The scene then switched to me going into this nice school.

College Scene

I was in this huge classroom and as I entered there were only a few people who stood out for me. A tall African-American couple(who brings mushrooms all the time), A gay couple(who judge my what I wear all the time), A white couple(who look at me like, I'm trash), the Best Friends(who always giggle and stick together), and lastly, this Guy(who I was assigned to sit one seat apart from). 

He noticed me while, I was walking up to my seat, but I didn't quite notice him as much. the girl who sat in between us was very nice and talkative and well, simply Asian. I felt comfort it reminded me of home though, I had no idea what country I was in. Sorry, if my dream is weird ; I sorta watched the Princess Diaries and Scary Movie 2 in the afternoon so, it's probably like a combination of both.


So, this is where it gets weird. I saw on Facebook some pictures of Nicole, that she took during her vacation and there was this one picture of her in a fountain, with other people and her family as well. I was glad she was enjoying herself. Then suddenly the scene changed to me walking in the rain with my maid(?), who was telling me my schedule. Of course, she held an umbrella over my head, but it was night already and so, her  maids shift was over. And, I had to run in, but I still got soaking wet. 

She left me as I finally got to the campus opening and she told me to cover myself. I mean with what, I only had a hat and a pink dress on. As, I was making my way in;  I ran into my classmates(people who I described on top except for the guy) since, I wasn't really in their little circle they didn't want to talk to me. But, I gained all my courage and asked them where they were going and they told me they where headed to watch a movie and that they were just waiting for some people. 

When the other half of people came it was just their girlfriends and boyfriends and all of them looked surprised who was with who. Even I was shocked well, I was just playing along, but the truth is I don't really know why I gasped. Then I asked them if anyone can show me around the place like, a tour guide or local of some sort to show me around. I remembered what my said she suggested that I ask the guy who sat one seat apart from me, because he's liked me, but I wasn't in the mood for awkwardness.

Then I had a sudden flashback, it was where I was walking to my seat, he stopped playing with his pencil in his hand as he was listening to the teacher. I shook my head and smiled, but went on to my seat. Then he just watched me with both eyes and the teacher had to yell at him to snap out of it. Then that was it, my flashback ended when I saw this dude run out to smoke some pot and I was like, "NO!", I turned to him told him, he was coming with me. 

As, for the rest all of them told me to look for this guy who they knew; who had no plans and he could show me around and that I could find him in the East wing. So, I started searching for him, but I needed to get this "dude" a girl so, that he wouldn't smoke pot. We went in the West wing where the girl's dorm and area was to find him a date. The place was surrounded with "lady pheromones gone wild". I was shocked at how the place looked, but I was on a mission and just saw this door open with a girl who was laying down all lady-like like, she looked like she was waiting for her prince charming to come and so, I through him in there. 

Of course, she was confused, all of a sudden she tackled him and they started making out; I was like WTF! that was scary, she literally jumped him. I didn't have time for them so, I left the two and ran to the East wing. but, it was locked. It was hopeless, I gave up and just went to the middle terrace on top. And, that's where I got a clear view to where I was; I was in New York!

I was freaking out, but in my dream I was so calm and just looked at the garden below and the stars above and from a far all the cars and beautiful lights and buildings. I felt quite at peace, but it was so freaken cold even, though it stopped raining; I was till soaking wet and I couldn't change my clothes because what was the use. It was already midnight and I had no idea where to go and change clothes or anything. 

When I thought all was lost and I would have to sleep on the terrace or sleep in the closets I started to laugh. I snapped out of my depressing laughter and I was frightened by the guy in my class. I felt uncomfortable because well, stalker much and stranger danger. How did he get here? Here's a flashback: (Guy) Walking in the hallway, see's me there and quietly checks the surroundings to see if anyone is there with me or looking at the both of them. He looks at me all confused as to why I'm laughing and giggling all by myself  then that's when he walks in and says: "You really like, being that soaking wet?"

He takes off his jacket while, I try to say something and I said "Hmm...What, oh this., I got wet from the rain and the laughing I was..ah...I'm not crazy." (Saying stupid in my head over and over again)

"Okay, I understand, Here."(lends me his jacket and turns away)
"Your campus I can't." (hands it back to him)
"It's fine. I won't take no for an answer, besides I'm wearing dry clothes and you're all soaking wet. I might as well get beaten up by my mother if I don't give you my jacket and be a polite gentleman.Unless, you really like, being wet and showing off your whole body."(walks to the edge of the terrace to where I am)
"OH MY GOSH! Thank you very much." (covers my revealed parts)

We look out onto the sky and just everything and just stand there quietly looking at our surroundings. It was nice we could even see the fountain int he middle below.

"Thanks, again. This is very kind of you."
"No problem."


Then I woke up and my dream just ended. I have so many questions I wanted to see for myself like, Did she even get a tour around? or Did they kiss or something? and What happened to my friend, why couldn't she show me around? and What ever happened to the guy who smokes weed and the girl who slept like, she was sleeping beauty? and finally, Did I ever get his name? Sometimes, I wonder or more like, spout out names like, Jeff and Kathleen, but i'm not so sure.

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