Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Elite, My Heroes

  Good Bye and Farewell....

Hey, everyone I guess you heard of the ending of Gossip Girl; I know I'm shocked too that it was Dan, I mean Daniel Randolph Humphrey, but he was so innocent. Moving aside that thought I expected nothing less from the show, it was everything I wanted in the end. Chuck and Blair happily married and have a kid named Henry Bass; 5 years later then Serena and Dan get married. I feel bad for Nate though, he didn't end up with anyone. 

Who cares! I'm so happy but sad, also. I'm totally still not over it just now I'm watching it again. I mean I didn't watch The Voice Finale instead I watched the Gossip Girl Finale. So, me and my Dad had to split into different rooms he wanted to watch The Voice and me you already know. So, me and my sister glued our asses to the bed and our eyes to the T.V. in my room. 

I was even holding my pee at one time. But, I gave into it and went during commercials. Even me and my sister was like, no you go outside and put the gifts under the Christmas Tree (Exchange gifts). And, she didn't want to move either. :)

 I mean having Blair Waldorf get married in my favorite designers dress; Ellie Saab's design was phenomenal. Just the color alone made me want to get married. Then at the ending when I saw Serena's dress my head just flew away into a cloud. I love how her hair matched her dress and the whiteness ad the puffyness of it was felt like, a princess fairy tale. 

So, in the end both dresses made the cut. It what I was looking for in a wedding dress the elegant, puffnyeness, and princess look all together. Which by the way I was watching yesterday on T.V. before Gossip Girl was Barbie and Then Christmas Carol or something. And, I've found the dress I've been looking for, maybe. For now, this is the dress I love with the Blair/Serena feel. 

 Blair Cornelia Waldorf
Serena Van Der Wooderson
Daniel Randolph Humphrey
 Nathaniel Fitzwilliam Archibald
 Charles Bartholomew Bass

                                                                 The Elite, My Heroes

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