Monday, December 10, 2012

Different Kinds Of Anime School Designs

I really love a Japanese designed school, I don't want to be a total copycat and that's why these are just some options wherein what I'll do is get some specific features from the different schools and mash them all together. Some of them may be too bold and a little bit over done and I don't want to that I mean I know I want a private school so it should look like this, I guess.

Then trees and plants are my main priority as well, I mean I always admired their green-natured quality and I like the idea of the students sitting outside eating lunch or snack on the grass under a tree. I've seen a school like that before when I was traveling and taking pictures of different kinds of architecture with my Dad.

One more important element is a clock, at my school we had this big giant clock in the middle of the gym and it would always ring when it's time to go back to class or eat lunch. Then a gate a big gate because I don't want the students all over the place and then when they're late heheh we'll close the gates or the guards let him/her in and they receive punishment.

I also want a lot of facilities for sports, club rooms, the school clinic, a library and also lots of classrooms. For the classrooms I like sliding doors and both the doors with the handles it depends later on. I just want the school to have lots of room for the students to enjoy their school life and it won't be so crammed up and corrupted. Going to a private school for 10 years really sticks with you. I mean you want everything to be spot on and clean. That's why I felt uncomfortable going to school in normal clothes and not my uniform but, over the years you get used to it.

Say I'm crazy or delusional or a copycat like, other people when I tell them my ultimate dream.The only person who needs to believe in it is me and I have a good feeling even though I'm not quite there yet and there's still a long road ahead; that it might actually come true. :))

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