Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just Not Feelin' it.

Today, is the last day of the exams and I'm all drained out power ad my brain feels so mushy right now. That, I'm sorry to say, but I got nothing to post but just this. I'm just not feeling it. I had a wide range of ideas to post, but I'm too lazy or tired. And, after yesterday's Simply Complicated post I hate looking at it. It reminds that all of those things happened and it's like going back in time and repeating the scenario over and over again. And, all I wanna do is forget about it. But, I did post it because that's what I wanted to do; to lay it all there and just let it live. You know like get it out of your system.

I think I'm just gonna watch anime today and talk to Mom, it'll probably up my mood. 


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