Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missing In My Own Dream

You all know I have these weird out dreams. Well, last night I couldn't sleep because of doing too much thinking and finally, deep but light sleeping I was dreaming in there somewhere. And, I couldn't believe it I was watching the Inside Edition, with my family and suddenly the lady showed old video's of myself. Back when I was kid. I was doing wild and naturally kid stuff. And, I was on the news with the headline "WHERE IS SHE NOW". They said they first met me long time ago and America fell in love with my chubby crazy ways. 

Then shortly after, I just suddenly disappeared when I was six year old. But, what they didn't know was that I moved to another country and I wasn't "It-Girl" there because I tried to keep a low profile. Back in the house we were all like, panicking saying there must have been a mistake and stuff because I'm right here. And, so we left their website a message saying that I'm still alive and breathing. Then, they wanted an interview the next day. I didn't get it at all, everything was happening too fast.

But, I went along with it, so that I can see my Mom. They we're okay with it as long as I did an interview with them. I got to see my Mom and I was happy. But, when I wanted to go home; suddenly I had an agent and a publicist who wanted me to write a book. And, after that I wasn't myself. After that one interview the next was on The Today Show then Oprah, and I even wrote my own book named "Missing In My Own Dream". Just, like the title and it was a mysterious and quite frankly a weird out story.

 Oh yeah, in the book it said in the book the whole time I was missing in this portal of colors I would see different dimensions and oddly shapes of doors till, finally I went through one and time had just stopped and it became dark and shallow as if I was spinning and the one spinning me was a bunch of invisible elves trying to mix a pot of gold so that there would be a rainbow in the sky. 

My outfit was pretty funny, I wore my blanket around my neck it would be my scarf and sometimes a cape. I didn't fly, but I did have to swim through the City Of  Dreams and the Pits Of Nightmares, which caused my awful dream to spin out of control in the first place. All in all, I got a hardy laugh out of the happenings. And, can you believe it  was a children's book. When I finally woke up, I was relieved to see everything was back to normal. I never wanna go back to that dream ever again. Unless, it happens again I'm ready for it. 

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