Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Korean Side

I know I've been only showing you guys my true, American, and Japanese side,. But, what you guys don't know is that I also have a Korean side. I mean I know how to saw my hello, my name is Ashley or Ajeuli in Korean. In shot, I would love to show you guys my favorite k-pop songs, k-pop groups, k-dramas, and k-pop fashion Idols I love. To be honest I'm half obsessed. I think?

1. Favorite K-pop Songs

  • Infinite- Can you Smile
  • Infinite- Amazing
  • Infinite- She's Back
  • Big Bang- Love Dust
  • Big Bang- All Songs( actually)
  • 2ne1- I love you
  • Girl's Generation- Oh!
  • Orange Caramel- Lipstick
  • Hyuna- Bubble Pop
  • Taeyang(Big Bang) - I need a girl

2. Favorite K-pop Groups

Infinite, Big Bang, and 2ne1


* Woohyun from Infinite <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
* Daesung from Big Bang <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

3. Favorite K-Dramas

Princess Hours, Brilliant Legacy, Witch Yoo Hee, Lie To Me, Playful Kiss, and King 2 Hearts

4. Favorite K-pop Fashion Idols

Girls Generation, 2ne1, and Hyuna (definitely)

And this concludes my Korea side to you guys. I hope you guys check out the K-dramas and the music I put in. Because, they're really good.  Here's the video of Infinite- She's Back. The song I first fell in love with them. Enjoy! :)

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