Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Comment Of Empty Words

So, in my last post it was about my dream the other day. This is the most recent one. It all started when I was posting on my blog then I got a comment on one of my "Life Posts". well, this anonymous person commented saying bad stuff about me. It was cyber-bullying; that's why I don't like looking at my stats, the people who follow me, or I get nervous every time somebody comments on my blog or any of my accounts. 

In my post from long time ago the "Deleting All My Accounts". I explained why I have such a fear and to be honest it's the one thing I fear the most more than vampires in the night. But anyway, so, this  guy/girl said smack about me then another person commented saying "Why should she care about what you say. you Bully." Then it became an ongoing comment war. 

The people who viewed my blog was just quietly watching from their screen reading it. Finally, I gained the courage to stand up for myself and say what I wanted to say. Then the fight ended and I erased the whole thing like, it never happened. I said thank you to the person who stood up for me and then I began to chat with him/her for the longest time.

 But , I know STRANGER DANGER, but whoever that person was I was grateful I ended the chat and the commenting. Everything went back to normal.  For, some reason I couldn't delete that comment; the one that had distasteful words in it. So, every single time I would log in and blog I would see and it made me stronger and stronger. I managed to make something bad turn to good. 

In, the end I was surprised to see that when I went back home that the comment had been erased and the guy/girl helped me out. Crossing my fingers that its a guy. heheh. Still, how I managed to forget about it wasn't easy but, the secret was the that I imagined that it only said "write comment here". Like it was just a box with no words in it. 

My confidence level was a 10, when I woke up. 

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