Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gravity Falls

My new obsession, this cute and adventurous series on Disney go me hooked on it from the minute I laid eyes on it. I mean it had everything I wanted it to have and more. It was so funny when Mabel was talking to Dipper about her new boyfriend, Dipper said we've just moved here and you already have a boyfriend. That was after he found the book which, had all these secrets of Gravity Falls. It is a mysterious place where a lot of strange occurrences and creatures have come to live there occasionally.

I think the old guy in thew pic is their Uncle I'm not quite sure. But, he takes care of them and own's the Mystery Shack. So anyway, Dipper thought he was a zombie and turned out he was a bunch of Gnomes in disguise. And they needed a new queen so they dated Mabel so that she could be there new queen. And she she wanted him to be a vampire, she was a little disgusted and disappointed. And she turned them down like this, "Well, I'm a girl and you're a Gnome". And then they said "okay then Mabel we'll never forget you, because we're gonna kidnap you". 

Then Dipper came and saved her, it was so awesome. And when Mabel punched a Gnome in the stomach he started throwing up rainbow color stuff just like in the picture above. And when it was all over they went back to the Mystery Shack and got a new hat for Dipper and a I think a Crowbar I think and she used it to turn off the lights and hit it out the window. Hilarious I say. I totally recommend you watch it. :))

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