Sunday, November 18, 2012

All I Want For Christmas?

Well, after I went Christmas window shopping(yes, there is such a thing) I started to think. Here I am spoiling my family and my friends with gifts that I want to buy them. And I have absolutely no clue to I want for Christmas. And, unlike my weird younger sister, I don't want a fish named PEANUT. I know right, it's hard to believe she's fifteen. Anyway, the point is it's just like last year ever since I started buying presents for others I began to not want any. 

It's like all I wanna do is give and give. Oh Darn, now I'm thinking I should have taken a picture of the stuff I was gonna buy so that I could post it here. Anyway, I used to be this picky present giver you know if I didn't like it then I don't want it. But, times have changed I have changed. I'm asking myself now What the hell happened to myself? Is this like in the Grinch movie. Cause, I love that movie. 

Right now, my only goal and focus is go Christmas shopping, wrap the presents, and hang up the Christmas decorations. That's what I was thinking the whole night. 

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