Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bored Because I'm Bored

Nothing really happened yesterday, but I watched some of my favorite movies Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Da Vinci Code. It was awesome, TOM HANKS!!! and the bags; man I wished I had that green scarf. I love her name "The Girl in the Green Scarf", I mean genius. It made me think about her job and i might consider doing that. I love writing, that's one reason. I'll let my future self take care of it.

But, seriously is it okay for a Catholic such as myself; to like the movie The Da Vinci Code. I mean is  it a sin? because though it portrays Jesus as a mortal man. I love the history and the pure knowledge in it. I can't imagine my life without any religion it's a part of me, one that I deeply hold important. Enough, of the serious talk, I still love this movie and my church didn't say anything about hating or banning movies.    


I also, I filled in the last page of my personal diary, Candy. this isn't really it, but she looks more tiny and has Ariel on it and stuff. heheh It's very personal and that's why I didn't want to post the real deal. My Mom bought me more journals and notebooks that would be the continuation of my first diary; could you believe I had it for three years and it has my most darkest secrets that till this day only my Sister and Best friend,  Nicole knows. 

I also, started to listen to my new playlist now that I downloaded all of the new songs. It went pretty well with writing. Then after filling the last page of my diary; I started to write in my notebook that I carry all the time. The dream I had long time ago that I just remembered, it's weird that in my dreams I keep on coming up with a continuation. So, now I have no choice, but to write them all down. 


I wish to post it someday, for now I'm just writing it in my notebook because it's pretty long. Until, now I'm still writing it. I haven't got the title yet I think the first dream was "The New Heiress" and then the second part is the "Silent Abduction", and well I all I know is that one of the chapters is called "Jumping Continents".

It's a working progress, I guess. Today when I woke up I was in a bad mood because my Dad interrupted a funny dream. Wherein me and my sister were Christmas Shopping in this store. I was around the book section and I was putting the books I liked into the cart. 

Then this hot guy passed by and I started making sounds like wa wa wa and then we turned the corner and my sister saw another hot guy and she started putting things into the cart and was saying op op op. It was hilarious too bad I couldn't see it through, because I was woken up. It was weird but funny.


No cleaning today, because I'm waiting for my sister and plus my Mom said I need to rest my hand. Hhehe I got caught up in this movie called "Cruel Intentions" it sounds intense and scandalous. So, I watched it, but I had to change the channel on the bad parts because my Dad was watching it with me. He was answering all my questions. And, trust me I had a lot. Too bad the guy had to die; I mean he was hot. 

And, scandalous was what I got. I loved it. I've been meaning to watch this movie, but I would always change my mind at the last second. This movie is going  on my list of my favorite movies. I know right though, the movie was sick;  I found it awesome and an additional plus because it involves a journal. I love Sarah Gellar, she did a fantastic job. She should play as the bad guys more. hehe  

Another thing is that is weird, is my version of Inuyasha. I invented it one morning, while I was eating breakfast with my sister and brothers. It's called "INUKASHA", wherein Kagome is Kahome and she does this weird/funny/stupid introduction and does like anime sounds like, uhuh it was really funny. Here are the characters name:
  • Sang-you-who - Sanggo
  • Kiyaya- Kirara
  • Mikufu-Miroku
  • Nakahu- Naraku
  • Shashihero- Sesshomaru
  • Ten- Ren
  • Kazura- Kagura
  • Kohuko-Kohaku
  • Kickyo- Kikyo
Example Kahome says "Remember the sacred jewel yeah it came out of my body, so why isn't it red. you know because of my blood. And, don't you think I would know if I had a big ball in my nody it would be round and sticking out of me."

It's pretty funny, but I'm not mocking it because I love the anime; the strange idea just came to me. The most strange things come to me when I'm eating or before I eat. Speaking of eating I'm hungry as hell. So, i'm gonna go get my food now. hehe 

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