Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tomorrow is Another Day

Hi Panda's! 

So, I've been pretty busy with midterms not too mention that my professors keep on extending it. Therefore, I still have two more exams to go next week. Exhausting, right? At least my hard work has been paying off since I'm the highest in my Taxation and Law class. I was given a reward too. *jumps up and down* Hm. Just saying though. ^^"

My Facebook Post:

Received 100php earlier for getting the highest score in Tax. Thank you, Lord. angel emoticon Because all my sleep, sweat, and tears went into that. I will half it into tomorrow's expenses, next week's allowance, and my savings. — feeling grateful.

Today... well ... these weeks things haven't been good for me. Other than the fact that my lack of sleep because of my never-ending tests, I've noticed that I have a tendency to runaway from everything nowadays. Unlike before I was all talk and no walk but, now I just walkaway from the crowd, the noise, "the bae", and friends. I go to my hiding place to take a breather. Its an empty outdoor place in my school that not much students hang out there because there's no chairs but, I however aren't afraid of no dirt. :D 

(joking ^.^ hehe I just missed doing this)

Its not that I'm sad or anything, I'm just tired from school and everything that comes with it. I mean the whole hectic schedules and ruckus thing just isn't my thing anymore. I prefer to stay out of the limelight. Then there's the fact that I'm not too committed to my love life right now. I shy away from him too. It's sometimes intentional but, most of the times I just want a break away from all that feelings. It is also tiring dealing with another person's feelings. Especially when they ain't no mind-reader and you just want to shove all the common sense you have down their throats and shake them till they get it. TT but yeah.. whatever. 

Friends. Still the same. I make lots of friends then have like five left and only two I actually hang out with occasionally and the others when I see them. I still feel lonely from time to time cause I have no real friend. My bestfriend is a-wall since summer and the rest are history. It sucks but it doesn't matter to as much nowadays I like keeping to my own company. I just need new earphones and a good book to read! I've been binge watching on shows and movies as well as K-POP. Yes, I've gotten back into that interest again. ^^ I'm keeping positive that someday maybe just maybe I'll find a nice group of people and have friends that I can call my own. You know..who knows, right?

Health. NOT GOOD AT ALL. I really do not understand why I feel such pain around my body and throw up my food after breakfast and have eating habits like I would be hungry that whole day then the next I have no appetite whatsoever. Staying up late and drinking soda doesn't help either but I don't why I do such things. Sometimes, I have no choice but to stay up and review or finish my requirements then I wake up early the next morning to help others or clean the house or even just review the things that I didn't get to. I drink soda cause its what helps me stay awake and energized. I know an unhealthy habit of mine. That's why I got sick for about three times consecutively then I gained some weight back. 

Panda's..what do you think about me cutting my hair up to my shoulders? I want change. A huge one! I'm tired of the things around me and I just want something that will make me feel less tired like a haircut. :) I'm still undecided though. I'm tied between wanting to surprise everyone at school and rethinking my decision and just delay my haircut and give myself one week to do everything with my hair. Actually fixing my plain self actually? XD Hays. I don't know anymore, Panda's. Maybe, I'm just THAT stressed out just like what my dad said earlier when I told him. :/

After all, tomorrow is another day.
*air quotes Scarlett O'Hara famous line*

Good Night!

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