Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cosplay Crush


Okay... okay, all maybe wondering why this random guy is on my blog with various pictures of him. I may admit I have a thing for his anime character and I'm obsessed with his Cosplaying. I mean to me that's H.O.T.! Don't worry I love Bossun too but his cosplayer wasn't as handsome and charming as this guy.

I love the character soo much that if Himeko and Kiri liked each other I would approve and I don't say that for other wondrous boys who accidentally meet the main girl character but has a thing with a friend/guy who makes her heart skip a beat any day a.k.a. the boy protagonist.

Besides, he got his own thing going so, I think it's safe to say he's a character for the girls to swoon over. I'm living proof it worked. His ninja weirdness and ultra geeky ninja lines like "I'll protect you even if  I'm dead, I'll still protect you with my dying body." Who wouldn't love that! plus he makes me laugh so hard when he says "Kawaii" in a girl voice but it turns out flat like a guy's deep voice.

Girls! what's not to love and the fact that they actually got a guy that has some qualities (looks) as him is major awesome points. My respects and tip of my hat to you kind sir. I have watched all episodes including the end. I know so soon and already? i know I get that alot, but that doesn't change the fact that I will spill or spout out spoilers.

I haven't finished the manga because I want to understand more and get the memo or make it clear to me. That the two main characters will get together. I must absolutely know. I mean yesterday and today I got upset for teaching my brothers for their exams and missing out on my shows: Inuyasha, Stigma of the Wind, and Fairytail. >.<

But no worries I got it all figured out because starting tomorrow no exams! YEY!!! CELEBRATION!!
Anyways, Yes! I will introduce and if you already know him I don't care I will gladly introduce KIRI KATO!!!

I would like to also celebrate this guy's hotness and awesomeness of coplay talent. But, mostly KIRI <3 p="p">

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