Thursday, October 4, 2012

Money Trouble

Fist of all its great to be back, I love blogging and stuff, things have been hectic. I mean with MONEY! today my brothers can't even go to school because we didn't have food, water, shampoo, and etc. the list goes on. I seriously think that  this is due to the flood, my lolo and lola making us buy their medicine, my uninvited guests who overstayed and didn't paid and last, but not least my dad who horribly managed the money the last time.

I could have one thousand in my hand and use it to buy the things we need when it calls emergency and this here is a total major emergency! He carelessly didn't budget the money correctly. I feel bad about saying it, but it's the truth; I mean tough love dude. Besides he deserves it because this whole week he's been saying mean things to my brothers and I even to my sister, yelling at us, and throwing stuff, and the most annoying of all annoying SIGHING.........

He really needs to stop doing that because he's making us, well me depressed and sigh also it's like a cold that everyone in this house is getting. Dear middle class family, you look so expensive along with your house, but the truth is we're on the brink of becoming MC Hammer broke and I mean half Martha Stewart broke too. This house only exists because of my grandparents. So for now my troubles are slightly solved by my grandparents and mother. They sent money today and thank god because we really needed it.

But the thing is here though I'm totally grateful to by grandparents, I hate depending on them and other people; that's not including friends which i have so little of and dream of having more best friends who I can count on for everything, let's get back shall we the point is I hate having people look down on us and people saying this and that and what's worse living in a province with your judgmental family all over the place.

i love having nice things and hardships in life though they are hard to conquer. But having to depend on people who we owe already is really truly hard for me. My dad doesn't care at all if they say stuff behind our backs because well, they don't really get along, but here's the deal papa o's  I care and it really hurts me. I mean who doesn't like other people talking shit about your own family.

Well, this ends my day of entry please wait till my Internet is back on track and we don't have to live off this stupid stick load thingy that gives us Internet. Because seriously, it's annoying every time I move it; it turns off. I know right sensitive much.

Anyway, money trouble indeed; I'm just glad I ain't like other people who go on the streets asking for donation to get a new set of boobs because I'm a size b ( Saw it on TV).

Oh yeah, and God sorry for not praying, thanking, and most importantly going to church when I should but I'm honestly busy, but I want to get all my sins replenished.

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