Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Computer Broke Down!

OMFG!!! My computer broke down just when I was gonna tell you guys about what happened between me and my friends which was an awesome reunion I rekindled my friendship with them; proving I'm not alone and I actually have friends.

Anyway, going back to my computer that stupid broke down all because of my brother and then now look we're using an old Windows XP shit and then what happened the monitor is broke  down when I was using it too. I'm I the blitz? Then after that now it won't turn on, it didn't even last a day and it broke down I know it 's like nine billion years old but, dude seriously. And now I'm blogging through my diary again.

Well, it was slow but, I appreciated it at least you know I showed it love. LOVE! for crying out loud. How did I get on the computer to blog again I'm using my friends comp lame ain't it. Oh yeah one last thing I had a fight with my mom but we're okay now, I can go to manila for the halloween party and debut of friend, Halloween is awesome because it's today, my dad's b-day is tom and that's okay because I got him a present already, I'm back on facebook and everyone is liking my posts like WAIT...WHAT! OH YEAH! hehehe I'm happy I guess all s is well and I'm not sick but i did get a headache from stress. NO WORRIES! people I'm still alive and I never forgot about my blog because I love it to death. HEHHEHE <3 p="p">

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