Friday, May 17, 2013


Café Alberto, is a coffeehouse I've been dying to go in! I knew from the minute I saw it, it just had to be a great place to for meetings and get-togethers

Decor, Location, and Etc.

It's in a tight nit-place and the location is alright, it's just on the way going to the mall hehe just my luck! A nice place to go after shopping too! Walking in, I felt like I entered the life of an actual adult. You see chairs outside and in, big giant mirrors, and some crazy mellow music!!! I felt at home.

Ordering is all that fun as coming in, there's many choose from and you guys know how I like my coffee or latte's ;) I keep it original and slightly experiment-ish so, of course I was the only one excited to order. you can see my friend down there carefully picking out her choice of drink.

The menu ain't so bad, I thought the prices were very only wish was that I could have brought more money, but you know me~I'm still registering for college so, I gotta save!!! The food amazing, I didn't taste none (remember on a budget >.<) but I have seen these dishes prepared for me. I love the idea of the complete food and drink thing. It's very satisfying~!! Also, you can see on the menu where you can find the place heheh..

Oh and that's me! I don't look that good here hhahaha but as you can see it was a bit chilly outside so, I managed to pull this outfit together. Boy, was it hot after walking my for my hair blame the heat! Remember it's tropical over here so, it can sometimes rain and be hot at the same time o.O

My sister took this shot, finally! hahah That's me and my friend out to order when we didn't really know that we were supposed to just sit and wait for the girl to come and give us a menu and then take our order HAHA!!! so embarrassing the whole time I was like "They don't have a menu here?" and "Where's the menu?". I know what your thinking, right? A bit small per se.. keke already judging it!

 Look at all the cakes~!!! and deserts I had my eye on one of them, but I was a bit to shy to ask how much it cost haha, because I didn't know which cake it was in the menu. Moving away from that for a bit, there's was these two guys sitting on another table beside me and my friend, and the napkins the girl gave them..they let it fly everywhere and I mean everywhere!!!! It was a mess on the floor, I wanted to pick it up and help the girl because she just watched them what they did, but the girl didn't even pick it up herself and it made the place look unsanitary.


My sudden urge to clean was activated, but my friend told me not too because it would be netiquette and I didn't make the mess plus it's not your job, she said.I listened, but I felt bad inside...the nerve of those people as they laughed at their mistake and also the fact that this was such a nice place too and it was my first time coming over there, I felt like Erza when a bunch of guys ruined her first picnic. these other two people down here were served first before me and my friend even though we came in before them. Because, they're on the "Reserved" couch. 

Going back to what's more important, is the furniture and decor!! you guys know I love descriptive features of everything~!!! The chairs were nice to sit in and isn't as uncomfortable as it seems. the table left smooth over my skin, because I hate having to put my hands on my leg so, I just tapped the table while patiently waiting for my order to come!!! Love the lighting btw~

The next piece and my most favorite site of the café, is the flower display..all this seems nice and all and it looks pretty comfy,  but the flowers make it seem not so elegant but elegant at the same time. I felt the vibe of spring wedding hehehe I secretly wanted to touch it, to see if it was real~!!

Mirrors and right side view, as you can see the two JeJu Couple enjoying themselves on their date~! Hahahaha That's my sister(orange) and her bestfriend(blue), lemme explain their name: Because they're so close other's especially elders always mistake them as lesbians, I could relaate too because when they're both riding on the bike, they act as they're the only two people, so I nicknamed them JeJu(short for JeJu Island) Coulple... hehe. The scene ain't it beautiful...

After we had our fun,  back at the house, my sister told me that she didn't like the caramel on top of her drink, because it was so sweet. On the other hand,  her bestfriend liked it so then when my sister was giving her...the caramel on her from her drink via straw to her bestfriend a song came up singing:
 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Shower me with your love ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Hahahaha They both looked up and got mad and said in unison "Again?!?!?" 


That's the reserved couch, because the owner's son came out of the blue which I had predicted he would. Hhahaha We got to do a mini picture in the reserved area, my sister took the picture, because she said it fitted the atmosphere..and plus she said I sorta looked like Taemin a bit(the way I dressed!), I covered my face, because it looked how should I say I'm saying "Hey! Why don't you come on over?" and I don't like that hahahah seriously No No No...

 Finally the Orders: :D 

My sister's and her bestfriend's was the same something of a Chocolate Caramel something. Sorry, but my sister forgot the name of her drink >idiot<  looks delicious, huh??? I mostly have fashionable friends haha and that's why you can see their purses in the picture.

Mine: Strawberry Mocha Latte 

My friends coffee, I think??? hahahah sorry, but I was mostly concentrating on myself. Because my order too so long to arrive >.<

 At a works end of a playful day~

We took pictures in the reserved area altogether, poor dude ahhaha we made him a waiter, a photographer, and could have been our driver too hahaa going home. If you're notice them, they're all younger than me hahaha I guess I'm their Unni well these are my dongsaengs ^o^"

 I hope you guys liked the first post of my branching out concept....I really like place and it's now our official hangout~!! JeJu Couple and Club Rejects(Me, and my friend on the left side haha because quote "We look like we came from the city, but got rejected" hahaha) I can't wait till we go there the next time, and actually eat!!! not just drink hahaha..If there's any like criticism for the place I think you've found it already...

My next place: Sweet Perks~I still haven't went there yet!

Yours Truly, 

Stay Sweet


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