Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ta-Dah! Rating Comebacks~!

Best Album Songs/Cute Comeback

I liked all songs in this album, it was fun and hip and not to mention very nice to listen too.

Secret 4th mini-Album

Voted Sexiest yet Hottest Comeback/MV

Maybe the songs were GROWN hahaha I guess I can say that because that was a good thing actually..To tell you the truth I really did like the teaser with them all striping and showing off their abs, like others I wasn't too surprised to see what was under there, because let's face we've seen it a few times. But, I'm loving this sexy-vibe..(&.& being honest right now I'm watching their comeback MV right now hahah)

2PM 3rd Album

Most Controversial Comeback

Looking back hasn't their image already been sexy? What's new exactly? I get it they sex-ed it up a little bit, Hyuna wearing unbearable clothes which is a sore eye to my eyes, and them doing eechi moves; you can call them that?? Honestly, speaking I do have their song "What's Your Name?" on my Nook, but if I were to praise it as much as I would want too..I'm not really a fan of it..not their best..(Not a hater!!! Just want the old 4minute "What a girl wants" back!) Other members you did well too!!! They looked good, I was surprised by their transformation.

Name Is 4Minute

Best ?

I love ShiNee and all. However, this is just like 4minute's situation, they don't know what to do, but go back and change it up a little bit then come back then see if it would work out in the public. This was a very interesting album to listen too and I enjoyed some of Key and Onew's parts and of course the other's too including Taemin(who always manages to fit himself into my pictures and always photo-bombing me *it's a long story*) But, I want SM to pay more attention to them, they're not as good as they were before! What happened??? *coughs*Exo*

SHINee The Misconceptions Of Me

What I'm I Doing Here?

T-ara what do I say about T-ara....I don't hate it or love it nor like it or dislike's all in between, you guys might think I'm some kind of neitizen or whatever you call those people who are hard on K-pop artists and whose enemies are the sasaeng fans, but sadly I'm not hahaha I'm not at all like that, there's just some things I love and don't love, a practical audience! One of the crowd as I may call myself, were all guilty of being haters, but none too far..I would say "Oh I hate that song or that artists then the next day or a week maybe, I'll be like, Oh My God, I Love This Song! I Love This Artist!" So, in due time my dear friends I might learn to accept T-ara's songs and bullying side...after all I'm a huge fan of their work. 

T-Ara N4 EP

Here's a bit of a mashing new song that I find undeniably cute to listen too. 
Let's lighten the mood~!!! with LOVE & GIRLS- GIRLS GENERATION

Your's Truly, 

P.S. Readers/viewers who think I was being mean, I wasn't! And, if I have offended your favorite K-pop Band, I'm sorry for that, but this is my blog and I can say whatever i want and you don't have a say in it, plus it was just an opinion of mine so, take a chill pill...other than that if you got nothing good to say don't say it! oh yeah and Stay Sweet :))

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